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Software to formulate feed in Nigeria

As of today Nigeria animal production is still the best money milking machine in agriculture sector but it has one thing that chase people away from it, if you are farmer you will already know want I’m talking about.

It is capital intensive, animal production requires a lot of capital to succeed while the capital is much you can’t believe that 70%-75% of the cost of production is on Feeding. To make profit farmer must be able to formulate their own feed and not only that they must be able to manipulate feed ingredients according to situation on ground.


For instance if price of corn go up in the dry season, farmer should be able to augment with wheat oval and other energy containing ingredients.

But how do we formulate feed?


Hmmm, I agree feed formulation is an herculean task but you don’t need to worry, we have automate the process for you.
Instead of going through the problem of calculating and setting up excel will have calculated and set it up for you, it is now automated, what you only need to do is to insert your feed quantity and readjust till you find a balance, so simple.

The package contain all the value of ingredients; both macro and micro ingredients.

The excel package goes for #3,000

While already made broiler formula that guarantee 3.5kg to 4kg at 6 weeks goes for #2,000 


Combo purchase

If you buy the two, you will be entitle to the following:

You pay #4,000 instead of #5,000

7 days guide on how to formulate feed (online)

The combo purchase is for the first 5 people, so hurry before it’s close up.

To purchase

Send your evidence of payment to


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