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safeguard soap: Side effect, Price, Benefit and others

Safeguard soap is an anti bacterial soap, it will clear off your skin problem like melasma, freckles, dark heads and others, it works very fast, in just 3 weeks of using this soap you will start noticing positive result

It is one of the best antibacterial soap in Nigeria and it is endorsed by African medical Association of Nigeria. It will clean up the surface of your skin, remove dirt and dead cell, not only that it will also goes in to the skin pores and remove clogs thereby making your skin smooth and soft.


Safeguard soap is a mild soap which means any body can use it including kids. It will not bleach your skin bug will light it up slightly. Safeguard soap is best for those who want to maintain their skin. It will make your skin complexion even.

With all the benefit of this soap it is very affordable with #1,000 to #2,000 you will buy the soap though it depend on location and the seller. This soap has fake, so buy from reputable source to avoid buying the fake ones.

Benefit of safeguard soap

Below are the benefit you will enjoy if you use this soap


Light up your skin
If your skin is fair and chocolate this soap will light it up slightly, it will not bleach but try to maintain that your skin color. It will make your complexion even, harden part of your skin like knuckles, elbow, knee and others will be light up.

It will clear up skin problem
Safeguard soap is an antibacterial soap, it will clear of any skin problem on your skin like melasma, pimples, freckles, dark heads and others. The amazing thing about this soap is that it work very fast, give it four weeks and you will see how good the soap is.

Moisturise your skin
It help to conserve skin moisture which help to prevent skin dryness. Also it help to refresh skin thereby making your skim smooth and soft like that of a young baby.

It clear up dark spot
If you have dark spot on your skin you can bid it bye, the soap will clear off your dark spot and make your skin light slightly. Your skin will become smooth and clean.

Side effect of safeguard soap

Below are the side effect of the soap you might encounter while using it

This is very common, you might experience excessive sweat when using the soap. It is not a big deal just make sure you stay in a well ventilated place.

You might have rashes the first two weeks of using this soap especially if your skin is sensitive, it will later go away after few days but if it doesn’t you should drop the soap.

Stretch mark
Though this is not common some reported that they have stretch mark after using this soap for a year. If you experience this, it is time to drop the soap.

How to use safeguard soap

Rub the soap with water on your palm such that it form lather, massage this lather gently to your skin. To have better result wash your hand before using the soap so as to prevent contamination.

Safeguard soap ingredients

Below are the ingredients that makes up safeguard soap

sodium tallowate and/or sodium palmate, sodium cocoate and/or sodium palm kernelate, water, fragrance, sodium chloride, glycerin, coconut acid , palm kernel acid 1, tallow acid 1, palm acid 1, titanium dioxide, tetrasodium EDTA, yellow 10, red 4, green 5.

Question and Answer

Does safeguard soap contain hydroquinone
No, it does not contain hydroquinone

Does safeguard soap good for dark skin
Yes it is good for dark skin but it might takes time to see desire result unlike other skin types.

Does safeguard clear pimples
Yes, safeguard soap will clear of pimples on your skin

Is safeguard soap good for fair skin
The soap is perfect for fair skin, it will not bleach your skin but maintain it

How good is safeguard soap
Safeguard soap is very good, it will clear bacterial on your skin and make it healthy

Price of safeguard soap in Nigeria
The price of safeguard soap is between #1,000 to #2,000 depending on the location and the seller

Where to buy safeguard soap in Nigeria
To buy original safeguard soap head over to konga

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