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How do I qualify for FCMB Fast cash loan (+How to apply)

We are in the day when bank and loan apps continue to pop out deferent loan product, FCMB is not left out in this game of quick loan, they developed a loan product called FCMB fast cash loan targeted at people who need money to offset a financial need.

The most interesting thing about this loan product is that you don’t need to provide collateral or paper work you don’t need to visit bank with just a click on your phone your loan will be disburse in a minute.


But there is requirement you need to meet before you can obtain this kind of loan and this is the exact purpose of this article to show you how to qualify for FCMB fast loan and other thing you need to know

How do I qualify for fcmb fast cash loan

Functioning bank account
Before you can get this FCMB fast cash loan you need to have an active bank account with them and the bank account should span at least 6 months.


The reason for this is to access your credit worthiness.

Government issued I’d card

Fcmb fast cash loan is meant for Nigerian therefore you need to provide I’d card that will identify you as a Nigerian. You can give your NIN if you have one.

Bank Verification Number
Is there anybody that have no BVN in Nigeria, if yes you need to get one because you need it to open fcmb bank account incase you don’t have one


You have not defaulted on loan before
You must not have defaulted on any loan before, if you have you won’t be able to obtain the loan.

Benefit Of fcmb fast cash loan

Perhaps you are thinking of going for other loan product read below point you night change your mind.

Quick disbursement

Fcmb fast cash loan is quick in disbursement you don’t need to wait for forever. You will get your loan within 24hrs of application.

You can get upto #200,000 loan with FCMB

fast cash loan, but as a first timer you won’t be able to get up to this amount once you begin to take the loan and pay back regularly, the amount you can borrow will increase.

No paper work or collateral unlike NAPO loan which need collateral, in this loan product you don’t need any form to fill

Fcmb fast cash loan is not bias it is targeted at both salary earner and non salry earner so if you are not earning salary you can still apply.

You can apply as many times as possible as long as you have good record

interest rate and USSD code for FCMB fast cash loan

To get the loan dial *329*11# on the sim connected to your Access bank and follow the prompt.

The interest rate varies, for salary earner it is 8% but for non salary earner it is 15% per month, it also depend on the amount of loan requested for

Other types of loan from FCMB

Fcmb premium salary loan

This is targeted at staff of large and reputable organisation who have a good rating on Moody scale, with at leas BB rating.

The loan has a long pay back peeod though it depend on the amount of loan collected. You can obtain upto #2000,000 loan with this loan product.

FCMB auto loan

This is for peoepel that want to purchase vehicle but has no money, FCMB has loan offer you can take to buy whatever vehicle you want but you need to pay at least 30% of the cost of car you want to purchase, this will show how serious you are.

Fcmb Credit Card

In this type of loan you will be given a credit card which you can use to buy goods and services any time. Before you can get this kind of loan you must have been with fcmb at least for six months.

Fcmb salary plus loan

This is for workers that have salary account with fcmb. If you have salary account with them you are eligible to get at least 50% of your salary as laon.

For example if your salary per month is #100,000 you can obtain #50,000 as loan


Above is how to qualify for FCMB fast cash loan and how to Apply. As we use to advice our readers; take loan that you know you can pay back to avoid had I know.

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