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Pure White Gold Cream Review: Side effect, does it contain hydroquinone

Pure white gold cream is a cream that will transform you from rough and patchy skin to light and smooth skin.

Seriously this cream is a wonder I did not believe this cream before until i saw it wonder in my friends skin, it was perfect for her.


Her skin was a little light, her face was glowing and smooth. I was curious I quickly ask her if she has change her cream and “yes” was her reply.

Then I ask her for how long?


“2 weeks a go” she said. I couldn’t believe it, in just two weeks her skin has become like this. I decided I will also change my cream but lo and behold it end up badly for me, I bought a fake one

There were rashes on my body, pimples all over my face, the experience was unpleasant
This article is all about pure white gold cream review; it side effect , how to know original and other questions you might have.

Benefit of pure white gold cream

Pure white gold cream has a lot of benefit, If you buy the original one, below are the benefit you will have

Clear dark spot


Especially for fair skin people, all those dark spot caused by pimples will be clear off and the dark knuckles, elbow and other harden part of the skin will be lighten up.

It give you smooth skin
If you use this cream you will be surprise how people will look at you in the next two weeks of using it. You skin will change, the tone will come out and you will look clean.

It does not fill your air space
Many cream will fill up your skin air space therefore causing acne and other skin problem.

Pure white gold cream is not like this, it will give room for air to enter through the skin air space and sweat to pass out.

Side effect of pure white gold cream

If you buy the fake pure white gold cream, you will experience side effect like I do. Below are the side effect you will experience

Note: Before the end of this article, I will tell you how to identify fake pure white gold cream

Green vein
If you are fair skin, you will develop green vein in just two weeks of using the cream. Once you detect this I will advice you to abandon the cream and check if it is fake.

You might have a sunburn if you stay in the sun for too long. To avoid this only apply the cream in the cool hour of the day.

Stretch Mark
Another side effect is stretch mark, if your skin is sensitive and you are unlucky to use the fake one you will develop a stretch mark on your leg and sometimes on your neck. The solution is to abandon the cream.

This is common for black skin people, you might not have a uniform skin colour your knuckle and other harden part of your skin will not be light up therefore causing discoloration.

Well, most of the cream causes sweating if you use it when the sun is up like wise pure white gold cream, if you use it when sun is up be ready to get wet.

Pure white gold cream ingredients

Below are the ingredients you will find in pure white cream

Vitamin E, Carrot Oil, Argan Oil, Macadamia Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Camellia Oil, Plant Extracts, Purified Water and fragrance.

How to use pure white gold cream

Rub some of the cream on your palm and apply it gently to your skin. Make sure your hand is clean if you want to have better result.

Questions and Answer

Is pure white gold a bleaching cream
Yes, it is a bleaching cream

How good is pure white gold cream
The cream is very good, unless you have a sensitive skin or you buy the fake one, you will experience no side effect.

How to know original pure white gold cream
It is very easy, if I have know this I won’t have had rashes.

The original one has NAFDAC Reg number also the inscription is on the plastic cover while that of fake is on a nylon wrapped around the plastic cover.

Pure white gold cream price in Nigeria
It is between #2,000 to #3,000 depending on your location

Where to buy pure white gold cream in Nigeria
To buy the original one I will advice you to buy from jumia or konga

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