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Gtbank quick credit: How to pay back Gtbank quick credit loan

Gtb quick credit is one of the payday loan product of Gtbank, it is targeted at both salary earner and non salary earner the most interesting part of it is that it comes with low interest rate which is 1.33% per month and long pay back period of 12 months.

With gtb quick credit you can obtain minimum loan of #10,000 an and maximum loan of #500,000 for non salary  earner while salary earner can get up to 6 million naira loan with out collateral or documentation.


This article is all about Gtbank quick credit loan; how to access the loan and pay back

How to know if I’m eligible for GTB quick credit loan

To qualify for GTB quick credit loan you need to have an active Gtbank account spanning at least there month, your account should not be dormant for these three month.


You should have at least #20,000 in your bank account.

You must not have defaulted on any loan before. If you meet up with this requirement your laon will be disbursed within minute.

How do I get GTbank quick credit loan

As the name implies ‘quick credit’ it is very fast in disbursement, once you meet up with the requirements you have no problem. To get the loan

Dial *737*51*51# on your sim connected to gtbank account and follow the prompt


You can also use the gtbabk mobile app to access the loan

How to pay back GTB quick credit loan

The  advantage of getting loan from bank is that you don’t have to worry about the pay back it will be automatically deducted from your account once the pay back period is reach.

But if you want to pay back before the payback period contact their customer care they will direct you on what to do.

What will happen if I default

Quick credit loan like other bank loan is easy if you default they won’t call you out on social media or send blackmail message to your contact but all the same there is a penalty for those who default

which is 1% interest addition to your interest rate and since it is a bank they will deduct their money once you receive alert.

Quick credit loan for small business
Gtbank also have a quick credit for small business in Nigeria.

With this loan business can obtain minimum loan of #250,000 and maximum loan of 5 million naira with a payback period of 6 to 12 months.

What I like about this loan is that you can payback quarterly and you know what it carry the same interest rate as quick credit personal loan which is 1.33%

But there are some requirements you need to meet before you can access this kind of loan and they are

You need to have a business account with gtbank and must have use the account for at least 12 months

Your need to have existing business

Your business must be register with CAC and other appropriate agency

How to get quick credit business loan

To get the koan walk to any gtbank branches in your location and ask them about the loan but ensure you meet their requirement before you go.

How long does it take to get GTbank quick credit loan

If you meet their requirement your loan will be disbursed in 24rs for personal loan but for business loan it might take days

How much will I get on my salary

If you are a salary earner you will get loan in proportion to your salary which is usually 50% for example let say you are collecting #100,000 the amount of loan you can access is #50,000.


Above is an article about Gtbank quick credit loan. As we use to advice our readers take loan you know you can pay back.

Though loan can help our business too much of it with out clear method of paying back can bring a business down.
Know what you are putting the money into before getting loan from any bank or app.
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