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CPA Marketing in Nigeria: Beginners guide

Gone are the days when you need to refer a product and make sale before you can make money with affiliate, now with just a click and action you can earn more money which is very simple.

It is a known fact that it is simple to perform action like taking survey than out rightly buying a product.


In this article you will be learning everything about affiliate marketing, how to find a niche, find CPA network and make money, we cover everything in detail but before going into the step l will like you to take note of the following.

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA marketing is a form of affiliate marketing where by an affiliate promote a link with their traffic and when someone click it, perform action such as taking survey the affiliate will earn a commission, very simple there is no need of selling anything.


How it works

There are three main roles in CPA marketing and they are CPA network, advertiser and you the affiliate.

Advertiser will submit their link to CPA network after reviewing the link and the offer page, CPA network will put it into their platform where affiliate can copy the link an paste into their traffic source. Advertiser pays —- CPA network pays — affiliate.

Common terms in Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Manager

When you register for ad network you will be assign an Affiliate manager that will guide you on how to go setup CPA link and how to maximize your earning.

Depending on the platform the person might take you by hand or just release some materials.



This is the payment you will receive when someone click on your link and perform the action require of them. The amount depends on your niche and the type of the CPA network.

Conversion rate

This is the amounts of people that perform an action after clicking the link divided by all the number of people that click the link. This is it; some will click the link but won’t perform the task while some will click and perform the require task.

Contextual link

This is a naked link of the affiliate that you will place into your content to drive click. Ensure the link is placed properly.

Earning per click

This is the amount you earn when a person click on your affiliate link and perform action. The amount you will earn per click depend on your niche.

Offer page

When your visitor or user click the affiliate link they will be taking to a page to perform the action, this page is called offer page.

Steps to start CPA Affiliate marketing in Nigeria


If you have been doing online business you will know that everything boil down to niche, you have to find segment of people that can click your affiliate link and then create a content that will drive them to your site.

Do not follow normal rule of affiliate marketing when choosing your niche, you know you are looking for user than can click and perform an action which most time the high traffic niche is not suitable.

Below are the suitable niches for cpa affiliate marketing.

  • Dating
  • Weight loss
  • Gaming
  • Mobile app
  • Insurance
  • Finance

Your niche should be what you can provide content on; you need to give value before you can take it.

Traffic source

Haa, this s the real deal, this will determine if you will earn or not, there are countless way to get traffic to your cpa links such as social media , blog and forum but the best is to have a blog.

With blog you are in control no one can block you like social media do and your user will have a trust in whatever link you put up there, in fact most of the cpa network will request for your website before they can sign you on.

When setting your blog I will advise you to use WordPress, people might want to confuse you, but WordPress have been proven time without number that it is better than Blogger or Wix.

Read more on how to set up your blog.

Register with CPA network

The next thing is to register with CPA network, while there are a lot of CPA network in the world few actually accept Nigeria thanks to yahoo yahoo and those few are

  1. Convert to media
  2. Cpatrend
  3. Adscendmedia
  4. Clickdealer
  5. A4d
  6. Cpa grip
  7. Cpa lead
  8. Crackrevenue

Secret to make more money with CPA marketing is to try them all and chose the best four.

Getting into CPA network

Well I made it simple up there like you can register with CPA network today and get accepted that day, no there are things you need to put in place that will determine your acceptance, when you submit your application it is actually human being that will access it.

To get accepted into CPA network quickly follow the below point

Put your real details

Dont play smart, fill in your real details; dont use websites or blog you dont have access to, your cover will be blown when you need to input a code to the blog.

Call them or text them through email

To fasten the process do not stop when you submit the form go to your email and send them message further telling them the reason you want to work with them, praise them in the email and before you know you will be accepted.

Have a traffic source on ground

You will be ask where you want to promote the link, though some accept social media and forum but majority of this network go for blog that is why you need to get your blog ready with content before applying.


Cpa affiliate is a serious business, you might be ask for a one to one interview, and during the interview say the truth, if you are eligible you will be accepted if not you should work on it.

Behave well with CPA manager
After you are accepted, you will be given  a cpa manger that will put you through, do well with them and follow whatever procedure they gave you, though some does not use cpa manager.

Getting traffic into your blog

After setting up your blog you still need to promote it in other to have more traffic, do not just publish a post on the blog and expect user to rush you.

Below are the way to promote your blog

Create social media account

Social media like Facebook is one of the best way to drive traffic to your blog for free, connect your blog with social media of your choice such that when you post it will be share on Facebook therefore directing user to you.

You can also set up a page or space where people can always get content from your blog.

YouTube is another means of getting traffic to your bog, but it a little bit costly; if you have the money set it up and create content that user want.

With YouTube you can also put your cpa link at the description and also drive traffic to your blog.

YouTube is not like blog you need to create a sensational heading that will prompt user to click.

The best way to drive traffic to your blog is SEO, it is an evergreen method once you get it right you dont need to do much work anymore but I tell you the beginning will be hard.

If you want a quick way of getting traffic try SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or social media ad, though they are cozily, you will surely see return on your investment.

I will advise you to choose SEM because it has been proven to be good for blog also the more user click on your add the lower your cost will be.

Email list
From the day one you set up your blog, setup your email pop up too, and send them summary of your content once a week.

When user sign up do not start to send them a link at least let the relationship grow to the extent they can trust you, the proper thing is to send them contents at least for 1 month before you start sending them your affiliate links

Withdrawing your earning

After getting traffic then earning, the next is to withdraw it to your Nigeria bank account. To do that you have many option to receive your money though it depend on the cpa network you are using.

  • Payoneer
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Western union
  • Direct bank transfer
  • Check

The best method is Payonner, it is easy to set up and your money can be send into your Nigeria bank account but their exchange rate is not great.

CPA affiliate marketing vs affiliate marketing

No need of selling

Selling product offline is harder not to talk of online; it is harder to convince someone with written words.

With cpa marketing you are not selling anything just an offer and action, and most of the time this offer are not going to take much time and your user can also benefit from it, it is a win win, below are the most offer on cpa marketing

  • Signup form
  • Submitting email
  • Taking a survey
  • Downloading file

No down payment

Unlike affiliate where you will need make payment before you will be accepted with cpa you dont need anything once you meet their requirement which is mostly niche website you are good to go.

Challenges of cpa affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Harder to get into

As a beginner it is hard to get into cpa affiliate program because you will not know their requirement but after trying out two or three networks you will know what you need to do and once you get it right you are in money.

Juicy cpa network is not available to Nigeria
Most of the cpa affiliate network that pay very well are not available here, perhaps because of the traffic source or the activities of yahoo guys.

Though there are way to go around this like changing your ip address and the likes, I will not advise you to engage in this, believe me it will end in tears, it is better to stay with the one that accept Nigerian.


User dont like to click link and the one that do, do so because they trust the website and the only way to earn their trust is to create a quality content that will solve their problem.

Profitability of CPA affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Thats depend on your niche, the CPA network you join and how hard working you are but anyway the average earning of CPA affiliate in Nigeria is $500 per month of course you can earn more than that, I know a guy earning $4000 per month with just only CPA marketing and dont forget you can also earn from other source with your blog.


Like other online making money business, CPA affiliate marketing is also hard I will not lie to you, if you think it is going to be easy please I will advise you to back down.

What actually hard I CPA affiliate marketing is traffic once you get it right you will make your money.

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