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Dodo Skin Gold Face Cream Review: Side effect, where to buy it and more

Dodo skin gold face cream is a spot corrector, it will clear off dark spot, freckles, black head and other blemish in your skin. It is targeted at those who want to have clean glowing skin.

Dodo skin gold cream will moisturise your skin and leave it radiant. It is good for any type of skin but perform well with fair skin


Many people who have use this product testify that the cream is very good and does it work though it might takes time for you to see result.

This article is all about Dodo skin gold review: it side effect, where to by it and other questions you might gave


Benefit of Dodo skin Gold cream

Below are the benefit you will see for using dodo skin gold cream

Clear sunburn
If you have a sunburn you can bid it bye bye. With Dodo skin gold face cream your sunburn will be clear off and any dark spot cause by pimples will also be clear off.

Clear pimples and dark spot
Dodo skin gold will clear any pimples on your face but note that it only clear small pimples, if you have big pimples on your face, I will advice you to treat it with other product.

It lighten knuckles, elbow and knee
Another benefit of Dodo skin gold cream is that it lighten hard part of your skin like elbow and knee. It make them even with the rest of your skin clour.


It lighten your skin
Though Dodo skin gold is not a bleaching cream, it will lighten your skin and give it a perfect tone. Chocolate skin people will experience more skin brightness.

Dodo skin gold face cream side effect

Below are the side effect of Dodo skin gold.

Skin peeling
For those that have sensitive skin you might notice skin peeling if you use the cream for too long, the only solution is to take a break when you notice this.

If you have high amount of melanin in your body you might experience discolouration. Some part of your skin will not lighten up which lead to discoloration.

Sincerely speaking you shouldn’t use this cream when sun is up or else you will sweat. Use the cream during cool hours of the day.

This is common for those that have sensitive skin, if you use Dodo gold cream for long time your face will turn red. The solution to it is to take a break from the cream at that moment before you know your face will go back to where it was.

With all been said, all the side effect is not something serious, if you take to my advice you will not even notice any effect.

Dodo skin gold ingredients

Vitamin E, Tocopherol, Propylen Glycol and Plants ExtractsExtracts

How to use Dodo skin gold cream

Gently rub the cream on your hand and apply it to your body, ensure your palm is clean and only use the cream during the cool hour of the day.

Question and Answer

Is Dodo Skin Gold a Bleaching Cream?
No, Dodo skin gold is not a bleaching cream though it might lighten your skin.

Does Dodo Skin Gold Contain Hydroquinone
No, it does not contain Hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is known to kill melanocyte cell therefore exposing your body to various skin problem.

How good is Dodo skin gold cream
If you are looking for best dark spot corrector cream your best bet is dodo cream. It has numerous positive review from people who have use it.

Does Dodo skin gold causes stretch mark
No, Dodo skin gold cream does not causes stretching mark

How much is Dodo skin Gold in Nigeria

The price of Dodo skin cream is between #500 to #2000 depending on the seller.

Where to buy Dodo skin gold cream in Nigeria
To buy original Dodo skin gold head over to jumia or konga


Above is the review of Dodo skin gold cream, it is a very good cream that will clear your dark spot.

But I want you to know that dodo skin gold does not have sunscreen so use the cream during the cool hour of the day to avoid sunburn.

Also there a lot of fake Dodo cream out there it will be best if you buy from jumia and konga

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