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IPPIS loan in Nigeria: How to apply and get your loan

One of the advantages of been a worker in Nigeria is that there is opportunity to get a loan to finance your business or other ventures, I know of some people that build house, send their ward to school and build business from the loan acquire form government.

As usual once you collet IPPIS loan it will be automatically deducted from your monthly salary.


The purpose of this article is to show you how to apply for IPPIS loan in Nigeria and other related question you might have, stay tune

What is ippis and how does it work

Ippis is an acronym for Integrated Payroll and Personnel information system design by federal government which is used to pay federal workers, it was developed to curb the problem of ghost worker that has been with Nigeria for a long time.

With ippis you will get your salary directly form federal government with all the allowances.


What is ippis loan and who are eligible for it

It is a loan opportunity provided by the federal government for his workers, note that federal government worker that are not enroll on ippis like ASSU will not get the loan.

Requirement for ippis loan

Before you can obtain ippis loan you need to have below document on ground

  • Ippis number
  • Your salary pays slip
  • Bank statement of account
  • Bank verification number
  • Work I’d card
  • National I’d card
  • Employment letter/ Deployment Letter

How to apply for ippis loan

There are two way to apply for IPPIS loan in Nigeria, you can apply to through the HR of your parastatal with your ippis number
Or go to their website here

You need to have settled all your loan before applying because your credit worthiness will be look in to and if you have defaulted on loan before including mobile loan, government loan, your application will be denied.

Maximum amount of loan you can get

The amount you can borrow depend on the amount you are earning per month, for instance if what you take home par month is #100,000 the maximum amount you can request for is #70,000.

Tips for ippis loan

Now that you know how to get a loan from federal government through ippis, I will advise you to use the loan wisely unless you have something in minds already like paying your kid school fees, I will want you to use it to start a side business that will keep bringing you income while keeping your day job.

Do you know Foodco, the owner of the company was once a lecturer and she started her business with loan, you can do that to and create a financial freedom for yourself.

Below are the business you can do as a worker in Nigeria


You don’t need to have a physical location with a laptop and phone you are good to go. You don’t even need to buy product before you make a sale just find picture of a product post it and when someone order it you will source for it and send it to the person simple.

Sell cloth/ mini importation

If you are woman this will click, women are known to buy cloth more than men. Purchase some clothe on China store like Alibaba and sell to your fellow workers.

Sell eBook online

If you have knowledge about a particular subject or you have passed through some certain difficulties, pen it down in a book, some one somewhere is going through the same difficulties and they will be glad to buy a book like that. You can sell your book on amazon or create website to sell it.

To read more on passive income business you can do click here


Above is how to apply for ippis loan in Nigeria, I will like you to take the tips serious and as you start your business we welcome you to startuppreneur club.
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