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FCMB loan code: How to get loan from FCMB

Fcmb is one of the banks that give easy loan to their customer in Nigeria,they give both personal and business loan and you know what most of this loan comes without collateral and paper work; you don’t need to bank before you access the loan but you must have been with them for at least 6 months.

I’m sure you know that fcmb give loan, that is why you click on the link to this article what you want to know is FCMB loan code and this is exact purpose of this article in addition to that we will be showing you how to get loan from FCMB, requirement and other important thing that you need to know.


Types of FCMB loan

Before you can obtain a loan you need to know the type of loan you are going for. Fcmb has many loan product targeted at deferent customer. Some of these loans are

Fcmb fast cash loan

This loan product is targeted at people who need loan urgently. Fast cash loan does not require collateral or paper work by just dialing a code on your phone you will get the loan.

You can get up to #200,000 in this loan product. The interest rate is 3.5% while pay back period is 30 days.


The most interesting thing about FCMB fast cash loan is that people that have account with fcmb and those that have no account with them can access this loan but you must have a salary account.

To get fcmb fast cash loan dial the code *329*11# and follow the prompt

Fcmb salary plus loan

This loan product is targeted at salary earner who have account with FCMB. If you are short of cash while your salary payment is not due, you can apply for this loan but you must have account with fcmb and work in a reputable company.

Premium salary loan

This loan is for people that work in a large and reputable organisation, the company must be rates on MOODY’S with a BB range.

Premium salary loan is a big loan if you qualified for this loan you will get up to #2,000,000 loan without collateral, the payback period is upto 60 months.

Fcmb auto loan

This is another fcmb loan targeted at people who want to buy car but has no money.

With fcmb auto loan you can buy Tokumbo car or buy new car from fcmb trusted supplier. But you need to provide at least 30% of the car money this will show how serious you are.

Fcmb credit card

I’m sure you don’t know about this. Like we have it in USA FCMB give out credit card to their customer with which they can use to purchase things any where.

The money will be pay back at a later date, it is a form of overdraft. I know your next question will be how to get such credit card

Register and login to FCMB website

On your dashboard locate and click on ” loan and credit card”

Click on *credit card”

There will be a prompt where you will fill in your details

After that click on ‘Apply now’

Fcmb loan code and how to get loan from fcmb

There are many way you can take to get a loan from FCMB and they are

Loan code

I’d you need personal loan from fcmb like fast cash loan and salary loan dial the code *329*11# and follow the prompt


If your loan falls into heavy loan categories like Credit card you will need to visit their website and request for the credit card.

Big loan/Bank branch

For big loan like auto loan or business loan, you need to visit their bank branch, ask them about the loan and they will direct you on what to do.


Above is fcmb loan code and how to get loan from them. Though there are many loan product out there I will advice you to think it through before you apply for any loan; you have the means to payback.

In fact ask yourself the following questions; what do you want to use the loan for? Can you do without taking the loan?

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