Veet Gold Soap Review: ingredients, does it clear pimples and surnborn

Veet gold soap will make your skin light and smooth. It contain kojic acid which help to brighen your skin and make it fresh. Veet gold soap work does not end on the surface it goes down into your skin and help refreshes your skin cell.

Veet gold soap is a very good soap that can be use by many skin types. It contain SPF a sunscreen that help prevents skin from UV rays.

Veet gold soap will clear your sunburn , melasma, stretch mark and other skin problem you might have and do you know what, the soap works very fast, before two weeks of using this soap you will start noticing result.


This article is all about veet gold soap; it side effect and other questions you might have about this soap, stay tune

Benefit of Veet gold Soap

It light up your skin
The first benefit of this soap is that it light up your skin. If glowing and fair skin is your desire this cream is your best bet, it will not only light it up it will also make it smooth and clean.

It refresh our body
Veet soap work directly on your skin cell making them in order. it help to conserve body moisture which help to refresh your body and prevent skin dryness.


Clear sunburn
Another benefit of this soap is that it help to clear sunburn, if you have any dark sport on your skin you can also bid it bye, in two weeks of using this soap it will clear off your skin problem and make it smooth.

Clean skin pores
Most of time skin problem emanates from dirty skin pores, with veet gold soap this pores will be clean and many skin problem will be prevented.

Side effect of veet gold cream

Below are the side effect you might encounter while using this soap


Green vein
If you use this soap for long and you have a fair skin you might develop green vein. If you detect this take a break from the soap.

If the soap stay on your body for too long it might burn your skin, this is due to the presence of kojic acid in the soap.

Stretch mark
Though the soap itself cure stretch mark, prolong use of it can also cause that stretch mark especially for sensitive skin people. If you notice this just take a break from the soap.


It work slowly for dark skin people
For dark skin people before you will gee the desire result it will take time.

How to use veet Gold Soap
Rub the soap with water such that it form lather . Massage this lather on your face and other part of your skin. Ensure your hand is clean to prevent contamination.

Veet gold soap Ingredients

Below are the ingredients that make up veet gold soap


Sodium Palmate, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Chloride, Titanium Dioxide, Etidronic Acid, Glycerin, Tretrasodium EDTA and FragranceFragrance

Questions and Answer

Does Veet Gold Soap Bleach
No, Veet gold will not bleach your skin, it will only light it up

How good is veet gold Soap
Veet gild soap is very good, it will light up your skin and make it smooth


Does veet gold soap clear sunburn
Yes, it will clear off your sunburn and other skin problem you might have

Does veet gold soap good for fair skin
Yes, it is good for fair skin and other skin type

Does veet gold soap clear pimples
Yes, it will clear off your pimples and other skin problem


Veet gold soap price in Nigeria
The price of veet gold soap is between #800 to #1,500 depending on your location and the seller

Where to buy veet gold soap in Nigeria
To buy original veet gold soap, head over to konga and jumia

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