Kojie San Soap Review: Side effect, price and how to use it

Kojie San is bleaching soap, it make your skin light and not only that it will also make it smooth and free of impurities. Kojie San contain kojic acid which is gotten from fermentation of rice, sake, wine or miso.

This kojic acid inhibit the production of melanin  in your body therefore making your body light and glow

Kojie San soap will clear off any dark spot in your body. It will also light the harden part of your skin like elbow, knee, knuckles and other.


It work very fast in just two weeks of using this soap you will start seeing result and do you know what it can be use by everybody.

This article is all about kojie San soap; side effect , how to use it and other question you might have

Benefit of kojie San soap.

Below are the benefit you experience if you use the soap


It clear dark spot
In two weeks of using this cream you will notice your dark spot is gone. Kojie San is a very powerful soap it will remove all your dark spot and light up the harden part of your skin like elbow, knee and others.

It smoothen skin
Another benefit of kojie San soap is that it smooth your skin and make it fresh. Also kojie San soap help to retain moisture content of your body therefore preventing skin dryness.
It clear pimples, stretch mark and other skin problem

It clear pimples


Kojie San soap will clear off pimples and other skin problem very fast. Though you will need to use drug to perfect the cleansing.

Side effect of kojie San soap


Below are the side effect of kojie San soap you might experience.

Kojie San soap does not comes with sunscreen therefore it can cause surburn especially for sensitive skin people.


Red skin
If you use the soap for a long time you might develop red skin. Which is as a result of kojic acid present in the soap. If you experience this, take a break from the soap

For sensitive skin people, you might develop rashes for the first two weeks of using the cream. Your skin will react to the cream. The rashes will go away but if it continue I will advice you to drop the cream.

Prolong use of kojie San soap can cause dermatitis and this is due to the presence of kojie acid in the soap. If you notice this take a break from the soap.


How to use kojie acid soap

Rub the cream on your palm such that it form lather, apply the lather on your face and other part of your skin, to have a better result ensure your hand is clean.

Kojie San soap ingredients

Pure Kojic Acid, Vitamin C, Glycerine, Vegetable Extracts, Sweet Orange and VCO.

Questions and Answer

How good is kojie san soap
The soap is very good, it will get rid of any skin problem such as pimples, melasma and others also it will lighten up skin and make it smooth.


Does kojie San soap lighten skin

Yes, kojie San soap light up skin and make it glow

Does Kojie San Soap Contain Hydroquinone
No, kojie San soap does not contain hydroquinone


Does Kojie San Soap Have Mercury
No, kojie San soap does not have Mercury

Kojie san soap price in Nigeria
The price of kojie San soap is between #1,000 to #3,000

Where to buy original kojie San soap in Nigeria
To buy original kojie San soap head over to konga or jumia


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