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Unik Four Seasons Soap Review: side effect, benefit and how to use it

Unik four season soap is one of the best soap in Nigeria, it will not bleach your skin but light it up uniformly, if your skin fair the soap will only maintain it, it will not affect your skin tone.

Your knuckles, elbow, knee and other harden part of your skin will also be light up so that you can have a uniform skin.

Unik four soap is made from plant extract such as tomato and orange which help to make your skin smooth and clean. It also comes with fragrance that will make your skin smell nice.

Unik four soap lather easily you don’t have to spend eternity before getting foam from the soap and it does not melt quickly which means you can use one bar of this soap for a month.

The price of the soap is affordable with #500 you will get the original soap though depending on the seller and your location.

This article is all about Unik four season soap: side effect, benefit and other questions you might have, stay tune

Benefit of Unik four season soap

Light up your skin
The first benefit of this soap is that it light up your skin uniformly, your knuckles, knee, elbow and other harden part of your skin will be light up such that you have a uniform skin. If you have a light skin already the soap will only maintain it.

It clear skin problem
If your pimples is mild it will clear it off, other skin problem like melasma, freckles, dark head will also be cleared off.

It work very fast within 1 month of using this soap it will clear off your skin problem leaving your skin smooth and soft like that of a baby.

It clean your skin
Another benefit of this soap is that it clean your skin. It clean the dirt in the surface of your skin and also goes down in to the skin pores and clean it up thereby preventing the formation of skin problem.

It moisturize skin
Since we are in a dry climate, it is important to use soap that will refresh our skin. Unik four season soap conserve moisture which help to make your skin fresh and preventing it from dryness.

Side effect of unik four season soap

There is no advantages without disadvantages, unik four season soap also have it own side effect and they are

It causes sunburn
I suspect this soap does not comes with sunscreen, it can cause sunburn especially to sensitive skin people, if you stay too long in the sun.

You can use cream that have sunscreen or stay out of the sun.

It can cause discoloration
The soap can cause discoloration for dark skin, for the first 2 weeks of using the soap, dark skin people might notice discoloration this is because their melanin is high it will take time before the soap will have uniform effect.

The soap can cause itchiness, this usually happen when you shift from whitening soap, it will later go away after some few days if it persist you should drop the soap.

How to use unik four season soap
Rub the soap with eater on your palm such that it form lather, massage this lather on your skin. To have better result ensure your hand is clean to prevent contamination.

Unik four season soap Ingredients

Below are the ingredients that make up unik four season soap

Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Sodium Chloride, Tetra Sodium EDTA, Papaya Extract, Orange Extract, Carrot Extract, Tomato Extract, Glycerin, Tinoguard TT, Titanium Dioxide, Deionized Water, Color and Fragrance.

Questions and Answer

Does unik four season soap contain hydroquinone
No, the soap does not contain hydroquinone

Does Unik four season soap lighten skin
Yes, the soap help to lighten skin and make it smooth

Is unik four season soap good for dark skin
Yes, the soap is good for dark skin and other skin types. Though you might notice skin discoloration for the first two weeks of using the soap

Unik four season soap price in Nigeria
The price of the soap is between #500 to #1,000 depending on the seller and the location.

Where to buy unik four season soap in Nigeria
To buy original, unik four Season soap head over to jumia or konga.

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