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Funbact A cream review: is it a bleaching cream, how to know fake one

Funbact A is one of the best cream for skin lightning, it work very fast whitn two weeks of using this cream you will start seeing result. It is an antifungal and antibacterial cream which means your pimples and other harmful bacterial on your skin will be eroded.

Funbact A will clear your stretch mark, rashes and other skin problem you might have and not only that it will give your skin a uniform colour, believe me it is one of the best cream you can ever lay your hand off.


Though it work is very fast, it does not last long you have to continue using the cream or else your skin will go back to what it was.

Another thing about this cream is that as it erode harmful bacteria it also clear beneficial bacterial from your skin.


Funbact A cream uses or benefit

Below are the benefit you will enjoy when you use this cream

It help clear dark spot
Funbact A will clear off your dark spot, dark heads, melasma and other skin problem on your skin. If you want a smooth glowing skin this cream is your best bet.

Uniform skin
Funbact A will light your skin uniformly, your knuckles, knee, elbow and other harden part of your skin will be light up to make your complexion uniform.

It clear off bacterial infection
If you developed infection caused by bacteria or fungal, funbact A will clear them off in just two weeks, if the infection persist you will need to visit your doctor.


It refesh and light your skin
Funbact A does not clog skin pores therefore preventing formation of bacterial. It make your skin smooth and clean. If you use this cream in two weeks you will notice effect on your skin.

Side effect of funbact A cream

Like many other cream out there funbact A also have it own side effect. These side effect are


For the first two weeks of using this cream you might experience itchiness especially if you have a sensitive skin, after a while the itchiness will go if it does not, you need to drop the cream.

This is very common with sensitive skin. Fubact A can cause skin inflammation if you notice this you need to drop the cream as soon as possible

Late wound healing
If you mistakenly injure you self to the extent that you have a clot on your skin it will take a long time to heal.

This is very common, you might experience sweat especially if you use the cream when sun is up. To prevent this only use the cream during the cool hour of the day.

How to use Funbact A cream
Rub some of the cream on your palm and apply it gently to your skin. To have a better result ensure your hand is clean to avoid contamination.

Funbact A cream ingredients

Below are the ingredients that make up Funbact A

Betamethasone Dipropionate 0.05%, Neomycin Sulphate and Clotrimazole.

Questions and Answer

Is Funbact A a bleaching cream
Yes, funbact A is a bleaching cream it contain small quantity of hydroquinone

Is Funbact A cream good for dark spot
Yes, it is very good for dark sport, it will clear off all dark spot left by pimples

Can i mix funbact A with my lotion
Yes, only if your cream is not sentiviev, Funbact A cream is potent on it own, but if your skin is not sensitive you can mix it with other lotion.

Can I mix Funbact A with shea butter
Yes, you can do that since Shea butter is not a bleaching cream though it might reduce the potency of funbact A

How to use funbact A to clear pimples
To use funbact to clear pimples, rub the cream on your palm and apply it gently of your face early in the morning or in the night before you go to sleep but ensure you wash it off

Does funbact A clear pimples
Yes, it clear mild pimples but can not clear the big ones, you need to use drug for those.

Can Funbact A cure eczema
Yes, Funbact A can cure eczema

Can funbact A cure yeast infection
Funbact A is an antimicrobial cream therefore for it will cure yeast infection, but see your doctor before using it.

Funbact A cream price in Nigeria
It s between #500 to #1,200 depending on your location and the seller

Where to buy Funbact A cream in Nigeria
To buy original Funbact A head over to jumia or Konga

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