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Uba loan for salary earner: How to apply (with pin/USSD code)

One of the most popular loan product of UBA is loan for salary earner and the reason for that is not far fetched. The loan is easy and does not require collateral or paper work, you can get it with your phone or in the nearest UBA bank.

With UBA salary loan you can get 50% of your salary i.e if you are getting #200,000 per month you will be eligible for #100,000 loan


Requirements to get UBA salary loan

Be a Nigeria an reside in Nigeria

Work in a reputable company


You must have a salary account with UBA

Have a good credit score

You must not have defaulted on any loan before.

How much you can get from UBA as a salary earner

As stated above, you will get 50% of the salary you are earning per month, for instance if you are getting#100,000 per month you will get a loan of #50,000.


How to apply for UBA salary loan

You can apply through bank, ussd code (PIN) or through mobile app

Through bank

Go to uba bank near your location, ask them for uba salary loan

You will be given a form to fill

After submitting the form you will be told the day your loan will be disburse

Before you go to bank make sure your company is reputable or known one, they don’t give salary loan to employee of any how company. If you are government worker you don’t need to worry about this.

Through ussd code
Dial this code on your phone *919#

Locate and select salary or payday loan

If you are qualify you will see the amount of loan you can obtain

What determine qualification is your bank account, ensure you have a salary account with UBA spanning at least six months before applying.

Through UBA mobile app

This is the same with USSD code

Download UBA mobile app on play store

Launch it and register

On your dashboard locate and click on loan

You will see deferent loan options

Click on salary loan

If you are qualify you will see a button

Click it and wait for your loan to disburse

UBA salary loan interest rate and repayment period

The interest rate is 2% to 5% depending on the amount of loan and your credit score, the repayment periods is just a month, as soon as you collect your salary the loan amount will be deducted automatically.

How to pay back UBA salary loan

You don’t need to worry about this, the loan amount will be automatically deducted from your account once you receive salary.

What will happen if I don’t pay back my loan

Well if you have your way around it such that you change your salary account. There will be a punishments inform of increment in interest rate, until you pay back.

If you then choose not pay back, your details including BVN will be sent to credit bureau, there it will be blacklisted which mean you can never obtain loan again in Nigeria.

What I like about uba salary earner loan

  • It is easy and fast
  • It helps in time of need
  • It is without collateral or guarantor

What I don’t like about uba loan for salary earner

  • Repayment period is short
  • The interest rate is much


UBA salary loan is easy and quick, you can get it with your phone or head over to uba bank.

Because the loan is easy to get that does not mean you should take more than you can pay back. Instead of obtaining 50% of your salary I will advise to go for 25%.

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