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How to apply for Stanbic ibtc smart loan

Stanbic smart loan is FOR Stanbic ibtc customer who have account with Asset Management a subsidiary of Stanbic IBTC, if you do you can access loan of up to #10 million without collateral or guarantor.

The loan is hassle free and has one of the longest payback periods in Nigeria. It is aim at curbing the hardship cause by inflation and continues rise in dollar.


How do I apply for stanbci ibtc smart loan

As stated above you need to have account with mutual fund investment manager called stanbic ibtc Asset Manger a subsidiary of Stanbic bank and also have a current account with them.

I know most people do not have investment account with them, if you want the loan badly you can open a mutual fund and invest as little as #20,000

Before applying you need to ensure the following


You need to provide salary income statement spanning 3 months

Pay slip from employer

You must have been using Stanbic current account to collet your salary

Have a good credit score

Once you tick all the boxes above you can go to any stanbic ibtc bank near you to apply or download their app on play store

Amount of loan to get with stanbic smart loan

The minimum you can get from smart loan is #20,000 while the maximum is #10m

The payback period and interest rate

One of the good thing about Stanbic smart loan is that it comes with long pay back period which can be as long as 48 months depending on thea mount of loan request for, the interest rate also depend on the payback period.


Can a nonresident who have Stanbic account apply?

No, smart loan is only for Stanbic ibtc customer who lives in Nigeria

I have stanbic ibtc account, do I need to open new one?

If the account is current account you can use it, but if not open another one

Do they request for collateral?
No, smart loan is collateral free

What is the payback period
The payback period is 48 months (4 years)

What is the minimum and maximum loan amount

The minimum loan amount is #20,000, while the maximum loan amount is #10m


To apply for stanbic ibtc loan you need to have a mutual fund investment account and current account if you do download their app on play store to apply or head over to any of the Stanbic ibtc bank in your location

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