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Clinic Clear Soap Review: side effect, price and how to use it

Clinic clear soap will light up your body and make it glow. It is not a bleaching soap but can improve the tone of your skin.

Apart from lightening clinic clear will clean your skin pores and make it free of dirt and therefore preventing formation of acne and other skin problem.


The soap is not cost, it is price between #500 to #1,500 depending on your location and do you know what, you will surely get value beyond the price of this soap.

It will make your skin smooth and soft like that of a baby.


This article is all about clinic clear soap; side effect , benefit and other questions you might have

Benefit of clinic clear soap

Below are the benefit of clinic clear soap you will enjoy if you use the soap

Lighten skin
Clinic clear light up skin and it does not do it the way other soap will do it, it will light up your skin uniformly such that elbow, knee ad other harden part of your skin will have the same colour as the rest of you skin.

It clear dark spot
If you have dark spot on your face, you can bid it bye, clinic clear soap will wash off dark spot and other skin problem like pimples, freckles and others.


It smoothen skin
Clinic clear soap help to remove dirt on the skim surface, it also goes in to the skin pores and remove dirt there too, therefore making your skin smooth, soft and clean.

No skin dryness
Clinic clear will moisturise your skin by conserving skin moisture therefore preventing skin dryness and the skin problem associated with it, such as scaly skin

Remove dead cell
Most skin problem are caused by dead cell on the skin, clinic clear soap help to remove all those dead cell thereby refreshing your body and making it clean.

Clinic clear soap side effect

The major side effect of this soap is that it work slowly, you might not notice any deferent on your skin until you use it for two months.

And for dark skin people you might not notice any changes at all.
The soap is best for people with fair and chocolate skin.

How to use clinic clear soap

Rub the soap together with water to form lather, apply this lather gently on your face and to other skin part. To have a better result with this soap clean your hand before using the soap, this will prevent contamination.

Clinic clear soap ingredients

Below are the ingredients that make up clinic ckear soap

Extraits De Carotte, Huile De Coco, Carbonate De Soude, Ammonium Quaternaire, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Shea Butter, Eau Demineralisee, Hydroxyde De Sodium and Fragrance.

Questions and Answer

Does Clinic Clear Soap Bleach
No, clinic clear is not a bleaching soap

Is clinic good for fair skin
Yes clinic clear is good for fair skin and other skin types

Does clinic clear pimples
If you have mild acne on your face clinic clear will help you get rid of it, bit if it is bigger ones you will need to buy another product for that.

Is Clinic Clear Soap Good
Yes the soap is very good, if you desire light skin without bleaching the soap is your best bet

How Much Is Clinic Clear Soap In Nigeria
The price of clinic clear soap is between #500, to #1,500 depending on your location and the seller.

Where to buy clinic clear soap in Nigeria
To buy original clinic clear soap head over to jumia or konga

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