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Dermaliss Face Cleanser review: side effect, benefit and more

Dermaliss face cleanser is a medicated cream, it will wipe out any skin infection you might have and do you know what, the cleanser works very fast within 4 weeks of using this cleanser you will start noticing positive changes in your skin.

It will wipe out skin problem like melasm, freckles, darks heads, pimples and others within a short time.


It also have cleansing ability, it will clean up the dirt on your skin surface and remove dead skin cell, not only that it will also goes down into the skin pores and remove clogs thereby making yoir skin smooth and soft

Dermaliss face cleanser is one of the best cleanser you can lay your hand on. It will exfoliate your skin to give way to new and smooth skin.


The price of this cleanser is between #1,000 to #1,500 depending on your location and the seller. There are fake of this product out there so buy from reputable source.

This article is all about Dermaliss face cleanser: side effect, benefit, how to know original and other questions you might have about the cleanser, stay tune.

Benefit of Dermaliss face cleanser

Smooth face
If you use this cream, your smooth face is guarantee, Dermaliss will clean up your skin, removing dirt and dead akin. The most interesting about this cleanser is that it work very fast within 3 weeks of using it you will notice positive changes

No Pimples
If you have pimples on your face it is high time to bid it bye. Dermaliss cleanser will go into the skin pores and remove dirt and clogs thereby preventing formation of pimples. The ones in the skin surface will also be dry off.


No sunburn or dark spot
If you have dark spot on your face you can bid them bye, Dermaliss is a sport corrector, it will wipe them out in short time and make your skin soft and smooth like that of a baby

Moisturise your skin
Dermaliss face cleanser help to conserve skin moistures thereby preventing skin dryness and flakiness. Also it help to refresh skin and make it glow.

Side effect of Dermaliss face cleanser

Below are the side effect you might encounter if you use this cream

Funny, the cleanser that can clear sunburn also causes it. The problem is that while Dermaliss can clear sunburn, it does not have sunscreen to protect the skin from another sunburn

It causes skin discolouration
If you have dark skin i will not advice you to use this cleanser, it will discolour your skin, though it will later go away, except you have high melanin.

Prolong use of this cleanser might cause skin redness, this common for sentive skin people. The solution to this is to take a break from the cream once you detect it.

How to use Dermaliss face cleanser

Pour some of the cleanser in to cotton wool such that it soak, massage your face with this cotton wool, once dry apply moisturiser. To have better results wash your hand before you use the cleanser to prevent contamination.

Dermaliss face cleanser ingredients

Below are the ingredient that makes up Darmaliss face cleanser

Carrot Extract, Alcohol, Antioxidant, AHA, Glycolic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Ginseng, EAU and WaterWater

Questions and answer

How good is Darmaliss cleanser
The cleanser is very good it will clean your face and make it smooth

Is dermaliss cleaner good for oily skin
Yes it is good for oily skin.

Is Dermaliss Cleanser Good For Pimples?
Yes, it clear off pimples from the skin and make your skin smooth

Is Dermaliss Cleanser Good For Sunburn
Yes, it will clear off sunburn and dark spot

Does Dermaliss cleanser bleach
No, it does not bleach the skin but light it up

How to know original Dermaliss face cleanser
Original dermaliss is made in Abidjan, if you see anythinh from this that means it is fake. Also original Dermaliss is 125ml while that of fake is 150ml

With all been said it is actually hard to know original product nowadays until you buy it that is why you need to buy from a reputable source

How much is Dermaliss face cleanser in Nigeria
The price of Dermaliss face cleanser is between #1,000 to #2,000 depending on the seller and the location

Where to buy Dermaliss face cleanser in Nigeria
To buy original Dermaliss face cleaser head over to jumia.

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