Visita soap review: side effects, benefit and how to use it

 Visita soap will light up your skin uniformly and it will do it very fast, your knuckle, knee, elbow and other harden part of your skin will be light up such that you have even complexion.


The cream is very good, it also double as antibacterial and antifungal, skin problem like melasma, freckles, dark head, pimples and others will be clear off within 4 weeks of using this soap. It is one of the best soap you can lay your hand on.

It will remove dirt on your skin surface and also goes down to the skin pores to lose up the clogs and also clean it up thereby making your skin smooth s and clean. It will not bleach your skin but light it up slightly.

Visita soap does not contain hydroquinone and other harmful substance like mercury so you don’t have to worry. The soap is affordable with just #500 you will get the soap.


This article is all all about visita soap: side effect, how to use the soap and other questions you might have.

Benefit of visita soap

Below are the benefit you will enjoy if you use the soap:

Lighten skin
Visita soap will light up your skin uniformly, harden part of your skin like elbow, knee and others will also be light up such that you have a uniform complexion. It will light up your skin very fast within 4 weeks of using this soap you will start noticing positive result


It will clear off skin problem
Visita soap has anti bacterial property, it will clear off skin problem like melasma, freckles, pimples and other skin problem, leaving your skin smooth and soft like that of a baby.

It clean up your skin
Visita soap will clear up the dirt on the surface if your skin and also goes into the skin pores and clean it up, making your skin smooth and clean

It moisturise skin
Vista soap conserve moisture which help to prevent skin from dryness. It also help to refresh your skin.

Side effect of visita soap

You might get sunburn if you use this soap, the best solution is to try as much as possible to stay out of sun.

You can get your skin burn. Do not let the soap stay for more than 2 minutes on your skin to prevent skin burn.

If your skin is sensitive, you might get rashes on your skin, it will go away after sometime, but if it persist you should drop the soap.

How to use visita soap

Rub the soap with water on your palm such that it form lather, massage this lather gently on your skin.

To have better result ensure your palm is clean to prevent contamination.
Visita soap ingredient’s


Below are the ingredients that makes up this soap

Soap noodles, Sodium lauryl sulphate, Ketoconazole(0.25%), Propylene glycol, Tea tree oil, Perfume, ETDA, Butylated Hydroxyltoluene, 0087BD, Kapcinol(0.25%)

Questions and Answer

Is visita soap good
Yes, the soap is very good, it will clear off your skin problem and also make your skin light.

Is visita soap good for dark skin
Yes, the soap is good for dark skin and other skin types

Does vistia soap contain hydroquinone
No, the soap does not contain hydroquinone

Is visita soap good for baby
No, the soap is not good for baby, it is a powerful soap, it can burn baby skin

How much is visita soap in Nigeria
The price of visita soap is between #500 to #800 depending on the location and the seller

Where to buy visita soap in Nigeria
To buy original visita soap head over to jumia

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