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K Brothers Soap Review: Side effect, is it a bleaching cream

K brothers soap is one of the best soap you can ever lay your hand on. It help to lighten the skin and make it smooth. K brothers soap help to clear the skin pores there by preventing the formation of pimples.

Though it is not a bleaching cream, it will surely light up your skin and make it glow. It comes in orange and it is of two types.


Types of k brothers soap

Below are the type of k brothers soap

K brothers soap with tumeric
This contain turmeric as one of it ingredients. It can be use by anybody even by sensitive skin people. It is light orange in colour.


K brothers soap with AHA
This one contain AHA as one of of it ingredient, an acid. It work very fast but it can burn face and give it a dark spot if care is not taken. It also come in light orange colour.

Benefit of k brothers soap

Below are the benefit you will get if you use this soap

Light skin
Thought k brothers soap will not bleach your skin it will light up your skin and make the colour uniform; your knuckles, knee and other harden part of your skin will be light up.

It smoothen your skin
K brothers help to remove impurities on the skin therefore making it smooth and glow like that of a baby.


Also since it clear dirt on face and also clear the skin pores, it help to prevent the formation of pimples which is usually cause by dirt.

It clear off pimples
Pimples, melasma and other skin problem. will be clear off if you use this cream.

Side effect of k brothers soap

Below are the side effect of k brothers soap you might experience.

It burn the skin
If you use k brothers soap that contain AHA on sensitive skin, it might get burn. Once you discover this I will advice you to drop the soap.

It work slowly
For month of using this cream you might not notice any thing and for dark skin people you might not experience change in skin complexion.

Skin problem
For fair skin people if you use the cream for long time, you might develop stretch mark and some other skin problem.

How to use k brothers soap

Rub the soap so that it form lather, apply this to your face and other part of your skin and rinse. Ensure your hand is clean to avoid contamination.

K brothers soap ingredients

Below are the ingredients that make up k brothers soap

Papaya Extracts, Sodium Hydroxide, Water, Coconut Oil, Fd & C Brown and Fragrance

Questions and Answers

Does k brother soap bleach
No, k brother soap does not bleach though it help to light up your skin

How good is k brother soap
K brothers soap is very good, it will clear off dark spot on your face and light up your skin. It is one of the best soap you can ever lay your hand on.

How to know original k brothers soap
The original k brothers soap is light orange while the fake one is dark orange. With that been said I will advice you to buy the soap from reputable source it is actually hard to know original soap until you use it.

Does k brothers soap cure pimples
Yes, it will clear off your pimples and light up your skin

Does k brothers soap lighten the skin
Yes, k brothers soap light up skin and not only that it make it smooth and clean

Does k brothers soap contain mercury
No, k brothers soap does not contain mercury. Mercury is dangerous to the skin

Does k brothers soap clear sunburn
Yes, k brothers soap clear sunburn.

K brothers soap price in Nigeria
K brothers soap price is between #500 to #1,500 depending on your location and the seller.

Where to buy k brothers s soap in Nigeria
To buy original k brothers soap, head over to jumia or konga.

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