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Money making apps in Nigeria: Top 20 apps you can make money from in Nigeria

Money making apps in Nigeria: Top 20 apps you can make money from in Nigeria
Who would have thought that we will be able to make money with app on our phone, I mean phone that we carry around and check every day.

If you tell someone about money making apps four years ago, they will think you are crazy and that’s if you did not become a laughing stock, but here we are today there are many apps you can now make money from, right from the comfort of your home.


The purpose of this article is to show the top 20 money making apps in Nigeria with both android and iOS and how you can earn from them.

While making money on app with your phone is cool, it is just like physical method you need to be consistent and have patient, at first your money will not be much but as you use the apps that will be listed below you will began to make more money.


Also making money with apps does not come free you will still have to do some level of work though it might not be like physical work.

Before we go into the list I will like you to take note of the following

Why money making apps

May be you are thinking is if it worth it to make money on your phone won’t you be wasting your time? I have written the below point just for you; to show you that making money on app is cool

Everywhere you go
Like MTN you can make your cool money everywhere you go, you don’t need to be base in one location as long as you are connected with internet you are good to go.


No employee
Unlike other side income you don’t need to employ anybody before you can earn, your only buddy is your phone once you have that you are good to go.

Low or no cost
I will say no cost since you will still have to subscribe even if you are not using any money making app on your phone. You are not incurring any cost just your brain and willingness to work

You don’t have to spend 6 months and read bunch of document before you start earning, with a blog post like this you are good to go.

The payment is fast
You don’t have to wait till eternity before you get alert on your phone, with all the app that will be listed here you will get alert immediately you reach their threshold.

What you need to make money on phone app in Nigeria

Android / iOS Phone
You can use either android or iPhone just make sure it is in right condition

Data subscription
With 2k to 3k sub per month you are good to go

Like every online business, many app that will be listed here will test your patient

Because you don’t make money to day does not means you won’t make it tomorrow keep doing it, you will surely laugh to bank.

I will advise you take the money making app that will be listed here as side income something you can use to hold body till your main business grow, don’t depend too much on them.

Best Money making apps in Nigeria

With all been said below are the apps you can make money with in Nigeria

1) Google opinion reward

This is not common in Nigeria; we are really losing out on this. Google opinion was created by google to see how their app is doing; it is a survey app that rewards you with store cards once you answer a survey.

What can I do with the store cards?
You can sell it or use it make purchases

2) Toluna
Toluna is a big fish swimming in the ocean of survey industry. It is one of the best app to use when you need to make some quick buck with survey answering, to further prove their legibility Toluna app have been downloaded over 1 million times on goggle play store with more than 16 reviews.

If you chose this app your task is to answer survey usually about brands and you will be rewarded with point. The point can be use to buy product or converted to cash.

3) Cash pirate
Cash pirate is another big survey company that has been downloaded more than 1 million times and also has more than 100,000 reviews on google play store.

Cash pirate pay you for watching video, playing games and taking survey. You will be paid in point, which can be turn in to gift card, recharge card and cash.

Recharge card is available to only 124 countries of the world.

4) Go money
Go money is a Fintech app that let help people to pay and receive money. This how you can earn with Go money; apart from the saving, buying utilities, buying data and receiving money you can also refers person and you know what, once the person you refers deposit their first money you will receive 50% of that money simple.

5) Foap
Foap is a making money apps for photographer and whoever likes taking picture. Instead pf posting your picture on Instagram you can start posting it on Foap and if brands or company like it they will buy it from you. It also has a rating system that will let you know what type of picture sell most.

I will advise you to take this app serious because big brand visit it often for pictures, also you will get free promotion on Getty images.

6) Instant naira
Instant naira is our own trusted money making app in Nigeria. How to earn on it is simple; you log into the app watch Nollywood video, music video , comedy skit and read news, the more you watch and read the more your money pile up as in cash, imagine what you use to do for free before, what a fun way to earn.

Apart from that another way to earn to on this app is to refer people.

7) Scooper news app
Scooper news is another money making apps that target Africa. your task here is to read news, the more news you read the more point you will get but the maximum number of news allow on the platform is 30 and you will earn five point for each news making 150 maximum point to earn per day.

The point you earn will be converted to money once you reach their threshold and send into your account after 72 hours.

Another way to earn is to refer y people, you will get five point with each referrer and it is unlimited you can refer as many as you want.

8) Clickwoker
Clicker worker is a popular money earning app, there are lot of way to make money form the platform and they are survey, proof reading, data filling, software and app testing, audio recording and many more.

If you use this platform your money will be credited every week in your PayPal account.

9) Make money app
It is a world making money app. They allow all people of the world to use the platform including Nigeria. Make money has been downloaded more than 1 million times on goggle play store and has more than 370 000 reviews with 4.7 rating.

If you chose this platform your job is to watch video, give opinion on product, test app and many more. Your payment will be in point which can be redeemed to cash and it will be send to your PayPal account

10) Lucky day
Lucky day is a lotto app but it is free, you don’t need any money to play. You stand the chance to win as high as $100,000 according to the app.

Lucky day app has been downloaded more than 1 million times, the 4.5 start rating with over 100,000 review shows that they are legit.
They claim they have paid more than $1 million to lucky winner. You can try them out who knows; to day might be your lucky day.

11) Buzz break app
Buzz break is in the category of read and earn app. If you chose this app your job is to read news watch video, to earn more point you can refer your friends.

Your point can be converted to cash which will send to your papal account. The only problem with this app is that you will not enjoy the news and video since your focus will be on how to make money.

12) Playment
Playment is a task app. To use it go to play store, download it and once you do so login with your Facebook account and start taking task. The more tasks you take the more your money will pile up.

13) Naira rewards
This is another money earning apps in Nigeria that tell it user to watch video, the more video you watch the more your point will pile up. The point can be redeemed into cash or credit.

14) Slide joy
Slide joy is an advertising company, with slide joy you don’t need to work or take survey your job is to register on the app, once you do that slide joy will put a small ad on your phone home screen. You can earn as much as $10 to $20 dollar per month.

15) Inbox dollar
Inbox dollar is another money making app in Nigeria. It is a marketing survey platform where you can take survey of brand or company. The more survey you take the more money you will get.

16) Userfeel
Userfeel is a testing platform. Your job is to go to another website or platform provided by Userfeel. You will review it and check for any anomalies and report back to the app after 20 minutes. You can earns as much as $10 per review.

Note your first review will be free; they will use it to grade you.

17) Bing program
Bing is a search engine own by Microsoft, where you can search query like google. To make money form it join Bing reward program, your job is just to make searches per day, the more searches you make the more your point will pile up and you can redeem the point for gift cads.

18) Banatic
Banatic is a game testing platform, your job is to play games and test it, for every game you test you will be rewarded with a banana (point) that can be redeem into cash, google play codes and many more.

19) Ipoll
Ipoll is a marketing survey platform that help company and brand to conduct their marketing survey. Your job here is to answer those surveys and earn point. The point can be converted to gift card and cash

20) Zinoly
Zinoly is like scooper but is not limited you can read as many news as you can which means you can earn more money form the app. You can even earn by just opening the app per day.

You will be paid in point which can then be redeemed into cash and send directly into your bank account.

21) Carry1st trivia
This is double way money making app; you can learn from it as well as make money. How does it work? Once you login into the app you will take lesson and after that answer question on it, the more correct answer you give the more you will make money.

Challenges of making money with apps in Nigeria

We all know the situation of power supply in Nigeria, it is very worst, the problem now is that you will need to charge you phone.

The only solution is to move to area with good power supply or buy generator if you can afford one

Some app will close up without a notice and you can do them anything
After you reach your threshold quickly make your first withdraw to test them.

Some app can suddenly change their policy and send you out of their platform

Use more than 2 apps when one fail, you will not be affected


Above are the money making apps in Nigeria that you can use to make quick money but I will advise you to take them as side hustle and to avoid policy issue use as many app as possible.



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