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Palmcredit loan repayment, ussd code, contacts, email Address and others

Palm credit is one of the loan app that give quick loan in Nigeria, you don’t need collateral or paper work with just a click on your phone, your loan will be disbursed in minutes.

I’m sure you know that, the reason you are reading this article is to know how to repay your palm credit loan.

This article is all about that, in addition you will read about their contacts: email address, office address, phone number and other important information, but before we go into it let us go through how to take loan from Palm credit.

Palm credit loan requirement

Like other loan apps in Nigeria before you can obtain loan from palm credit you need to meet up with their requirements which are

Have bvn and bank account

Reside in Nigeria

Have government issue I.D Card ( Your NIN will do)

You must not have defaulted on loan before

Palm credit is an app, so you need a mobile phone

You need a phone number.

How to get a loan form palm credit

Dowlaod palm app

First thing to do is to head over to play store and download the app, it is not heavy, around 8 mb and it won’t take time. Another option is to go to palm credit website to download the app.

On clicking the app you will be ask to grant permission to location, media and others. Then you will register with horn information such a as name, phone number and password.

Request for loan
Once you submit all the necessary information you can then request for loan, you will find the option in your dashboard. If you meet their requirement your account will be credited in minutes if not your loan will be decline.

What is palm credit interest rate

Palm credit interest rate is 14% to 24% depending on the amount borrowed and the pay back time. the payback period is 14 days to 180 days.

The amount you can borrow on palm credit depend on your credit score, if you make transaction regularly with your bank account you will access high loan. All the same their loan amount is between #10,000 to #500,000.

Is palm credit legit/real

Palm credit is own by a finance company called New Edge Finance Limited. They have been in the loan business for long and they are regulated by CBN which means if anything goes south CBN will intervene.

One of the criteria of good loan company is that they don’t charge more than #100 for loan processing. Palm credit does not charge any amount before they will give you loan
also they have a good rating and review on playstore.

Palm credit loan repayment

To repay your palm credit loan, you have two options; you can pay back with your ATM card on the platform or pay offline to their account number. How do I do that? follow the procedure below

Login to your dashboard and click on “my loans”

Click on “pay now”

You will see two option which are online and offline

If it is Offline repayment you choose, you will be shown bank account number and unique code

Copy the account number and the code

Make transfer to this account

Login to your palm credit app and contact them, send them the details of your transaction.

When transfer to the palm credit bank account, use “offline payment” as your description

For online

Instead of clicking on offline payment click on card or online payment

You will be prompt to link your card if you have not done so

The amount you specify will be charge immediately.

Note: you can pay your palm credit loan before the due date, it will further boost your credit score.

Palm credit contacts

Below are the address to reach palm credit

Palm credit phone number

Palm credit phone number is 0700 7256 4357. You can only contact them on Monday to Friday between the hour of 8am to 5pm

Palm credit email address
Their contact email address is [email protected]

Why palmcredit

You don’t need collateral or paper work

Once approved you will get the loan in minutes

Less interest rate

Why not palm credit

The loan amount is small

The loan payback period is short

Error do occur with offline repayment


Above is everything you need on palmcredit loan. With all been said take loan that you know you can pay back to avoid embarrassment, though palm credit have no record of cold calling their customer relative, who knows they might change in the coming days.

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