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Asantee Soap Review: Side effect, how to know fake asantee soap

If you desire bright and smooth skin use asantee soap. Asantee soap will make your face clean and glow. It Is not a bleaching soap but will light up your skin.

It is produce in Thailand for the sole purpose of lighten skin and clearing of skin problem like melasma, stretch mark, pimples and other. It might not work well for dark skin people but fair and chocolate skin will like this soap.


It will light up your elbow, knee and other harden part of your body such that your complexion will become uniform.

This article is all about Asantee soap, side effect, how to use it and other questions you might have.


Benefit of Asantee soap

Below are the benefit of asantee you will experience if you use this soap.

It light up your skin
As stated in introduction Asantee will light up your skin and make it clean. It will also clear up your skin pores therefore preventing pimples formation.

It clear skin problem
If you have pimples, stretch mark, dark spot and other skin problem you can bid them bye bye. In two weeks of using this soap, all skin problem will be clear off.

It smoothen your skin
APart from lightening, Asantee soap will remove all impurities on your face and make it smooth like that of a baby. This also hlep to prevent skin problem.


Side effect of Asantee soap

Below are the side effect you might encounter while using Asantee soap

Red skin
Immediately you stop using this soap your skin will become red and can be irritating, the solution to this is to exchange the soap with another better soap. Once you decid to change it find another best soap.

It might burn your skin
For sensitive skin people this soap might burn your skin if care is not taking, do not let it stay on your skin for more than two minute before you will wash it away.

Not really work for dark skin people
For dark skin people you will need to use soap with a better cream, if you desire a light skin. The soap alone will not do wonder for you

How to use Asantee soap

Rub the soap on your hand to form lather apply the lather to your face and other part of your skin. To have better result ensure your palm is clean.

Asantee soap ingredients

Below are the ingredients that make up asantee soap
Papaya, Honey, Vitamin C, Q10, AHA, Coconut Oil, Collagen and Fragrance

Questions and Answer

How Good Is Asantee Papaya Soap
Ansatee soap is a very good soap, it will light up your skin and make it smooth. It will make your skin colour uniform.

Does Asantee Papaya Soap Lighten The Skin
Yes, Asantee soap lighten skin

How to know fake Asantee soap
It is very hard to know fake soap until you use it. The best solution is to buy the soap from a reputable source.

Does Asantee soap has hydroquinone
No, Asantee soap does not contain hydroquinone

Can I use Asantee soap on my face
Yes, you can use the soap on your face, it will make it bright and clean

How long does it take Asantee soap to work
It does not take time for the soap to work after 4 weeks you will start noticing changes, but if your skin is dark it might the longer than this

Is Asantee soap a bleaching soap
No, it is not a bleaching soap though it might light up your skin

Does Asantee soap clear stretch mark and Pimples
Yes, it will clear off your pimples and stretch mark

Asantee soap price in Nigeria
The price of the soap is between #500, to #1,500 depending on the location and the seller

Where to buy Asantee soap in Nigeria
To buy original Asantee soap head over to jumia or konga

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