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White secret cream and lotion review: Side effect, how to use and many more

White secret as the name implies will lighten your skin. It is one of the best whitening cream in Africa , it is produce by a popular brand called Randis located in Togo.

It comes in 200ml, 300ml and 500ml bottle and do you know what the price is affordable. You don’t have to break the bank before you purchase this product.

White secret product

Apart from white secret cream Randi’s also produce soap to complement this cream. Using these product together will give a perfect job.

  • White secret cream
  • White secret lotion
  • White secret soap

Benefit of white secret cream and lotion

Below are the benefit you will get if you use this product

It whiten your skin

If you will look beyond the price if this product and buy it you will have a perfect white glowing skin, it make your skin smooth and white, if you use the soap with it you will have soft and moisturise skin.

Bye bye to dark sport
Once you state using this product you can bid dark sport bye bye. It will remove any dark sport on your face and lighten your elbow,knee and knuckles.

But note that white secret cream does not clear pimples, you will need to use another product for that.

Clear sunburn

White secret will clear off any sun burn on your skin and make it even with the rest of your skin.

White secret side effect

It cause skin peeling.
Like many other whitening cream once you start using the cream, you will notice that your skin is peeling off and after a week it will stop.

There is nothing to fret about it is normal for your skin to peel off this will give way to a lighter and whitening skin.

It turns your palm and your fingernail to red

Another side effect of this cream is that it turn your palm and finger nail to red. This is due to the remnant of the cream on your palm that cone in contact with the sun.

It causes sunburn
What an irony the cream that clear sunburn also causes sun burn. The only way out of this is to apply the cream in the cool hour of the day like in the night or early morning.

Red eyelids
If you have a sensitive skin be ready to have a red eyelid. The redness of the skin around the eye is not that much just some little discoloration from the rest of the skin.

Green vein
After using it for a long time you might notice some green vein in your leg and around your neck. The only way out of this is to reduce it uses at this time.

It causes stretch mark
You might also have a stretch mark if you use it for long. It can also be cure by reducing it uses.

White secret ingredient

Vaseline Oil, Carrot Oil, SIlicone Oil, Petroleum Jelly, Stearic Acid, Vitamin E and A, AHA, BHT, Isopropyl Myristate, Lorol c16, Lorol c18, Aqua and Fragrance.

Is white secret a bleaching cream

Yes it is a bleaching cream, it will make your skin lighter and smooth

Does white secret cause stretch mark

Yes, there have been numerous complain by people that the product if use for long causes stretch mark especially on sensitive skin.

Does white secret cream contain hydroquinone
No, it does not contain hydroquinone.

Can white secret remove pimples
No, white secret does not remove pimples but it can help clear the dark spot on your face and body.

How to use white secret cream

Wash your hand with water to remove any microorganism that might be there, gently rub the cream on your palm and apply it to your body.

To avoid sunburn, it is better to use white secret cream or lotion in the cool hour of the day.

How to know original white secret cream
One of the way to know original white secret is to open the cover, if the inside is sealed it is original.

It is actually hard to know original cream to fake until you use it. The way out is to buy from a reputable source

White secret price in Nigeria
The price or white secret lotion and cream is between #2,000 to #3,000

Where to buy white secret in Nigeria
To buy original white secret head over to konga or Jumia.


Above is the white secret review, though it has a side effect, it benift out weight it side effect and this side effect can be avoided if you follow the advice in this article.
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