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Aje loan app: how to apply, interest rate, is it legit and more

Aje loan is another loan app in Nigeria that give instant loan without collateral or paper work. With Aje loan you can secure a loan of up to #200,000 without leaving your comfort zone. With just your phone, you will obtain the loan and pay back.

This article is all about Aje loan app: their interest rate, how to apply for loan and the most important, is it legit?


What is Aje loan app

Aje loan app is a finance company that give out unstable loan to Nigerians, their loan is easy and fast and you don’t need collateral or guarantor.

Requirements to get loan from Aje loan app

You must be a Nigerian and reside in Nigeria

Have a source of income


Have good credit score

You must not have defaulted on any loan before

Have smart phone

Have valid email address

How to apply for Aje loan

The first step is to head over to play store and download Aje loan app

Launch the app and sign up with your name and email address

You will be ask to submit your BVN and other details

After this you will be login to your dashboard automatically

While in your dashboard locate and click on loan

You will see the amount of loan you are eligible for

Click it and your account will be credited in minutes

How much you can loan from Aje loan app

You can access up to #100,000 on Aje loan but it depends on your credit score and also if you are a first timer the amount you can loan will be smaller than this.

Interest rate of Aje loan and repayment period
Their interest rate is between 5% to 30% depending on the amount of loan obtain and the repayment period. The repayment period is between 91 days to 180 days.

How long does it take to get loan from Aje loan

Aje loan is very fast, once your application is successful, it won’t take more than 1 hour before your account will be credited.

How to pay back Aje loan

You can pay back using your ATM card or ask for their bank account and transfer to it.

If you are are transferring to their bank account ensure you have the correct one to avoid story that touch.

Is Aje loan legit?

Yes Aje loan is legit, many people have receive loan on the platform the only problem is that they are not approved by CBN nor insured by NDIC. Also they are known to give small loan than what they advertise

These are review of their dissatisfied customers

Gor Lawrence Aondoaseer
29 April 2022

Highly disappointed about this Ajeloan app. After consuming so much time to access a loan, the loan amount available is far below what is advertised and my expectations, the interest rate is more like 40-43%, and have to deduct my 50NGN via bank for acclaimed secure stuff. This is so disgusting! Regret I downloaded it.

Bukky Ajoke
19 May 2022
What sort of a useless loan app is this? Yes I tried applying, the limit is not what I needed and the interest is too high, I stopped the application only to get credited later, I have been call their customer service, they are not picking, i am not paying any interest on what I did not ask for

Ternenge Kumasongun
8 May 2022
This app.is scammed! I repaid my loan 6840 instead of 3000,looking refund of my balance, since three weeks now and I text proof payment but they keep adding money every,who will pay.

Olayokun Babafemi
2 May 2022
It’s unworthy of your management to send message of increasing someone’s loan and period of payment and when u alone the app u will still find the old amount and period of payment. Where is the trust.


Aje loan is legit but be careful when taking loan from this app, do not initiate a loan if you are not ready.

With just a single click on loan they will credit you even if you cancel it. Also take loan that you know you can pay back to avoid embarrassment.

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