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GTbank (balance) loan code: How to get loan from GTbank

Gtbank continue to develop loan product that will suit its customers, they want everybody to have access to finance as mush as possible, what a good time to be in Nigeria.

Most people actually know this loan product but the problems is how to get it and the ussd code to check the balance which is the purpose of this article to show you code you can use to get loan from GTbank and code to check your balance


Not only that we have also listed deferent Gtbank loan product for people that don’t know and how to get them

GTbank loan code and and banalce loan code

To borrow loan from GTbank dial the code *737*51*51# on your phone, but note that this code is only for personal and quick loan product of gtbank if you need loan more than 1m naira, you will have to visit their bank branch. To check your balance dial the same code under it you will she option to check your loan balance


Other method to borrow gtbank loan
You can also get the loan through gtbank mobile banking or visit their website, if the loan is much as stated above you will need to go to their bank branch.

Types of gtbank loan

There are many gtbank loan product some can be obtain through your phone while some you need to visit bank, some can be obtain without paper work or collateral while some will need you to visit their bank branch.

Gtbank salary advance loan

GTbank salary advance loan is targeted at customer that have salary account with GTbank for not less than 6 months.

If you are eligible you will get a 50% loan of your net salary for instance let say you are getting #100,000 per month, you will get #50,000 loan.


The interest rate depend on the amount of loan taken and pay back period.

There three ways you can get this loan

  • On your phone by dialing the *737*8*2# on the sim connected to your GTbank account
  • By visiting their bank website
  • By visiting any of the GTbank branch

Gtbank quick credit loan

This is another loan product from gtbank it is targeted at both salary earner and non salary earner.

One of the interest thing about this loan product is that it is quick in disbursement and can be gotten from your phone in your comfort zone, you don’t need to visit any bank branch.

The payback period can be up to 6 months an the interest rate is 1.33%. To get the loan dial the code *737*51*51# or visit gtb website.

Gtbank school fees loan

This is not a short loan therefore it can not be obtain on your phone you will need to visit the gtbank branch near you.

The loan is targeted at parents who want to pay their student school fees, be it primary, secondary or tertiary. Before you can obtain this loan you need to meet some criteria which are

The institution must be in Nigeria

You must have account with gtbank spanning six months

You need to provide previous school fees bill

Gtbank max advance loan

This is an advance loan for salary earner who are working in a reputable organisation, be it private or public, the different between this loan and salary advance loan is that you can get more amount of money here.

Gtbank max plus

This is a huge loathat’sgeted at platinum customer. Here we ate talking about loan upto 30m. The loan comes with loang payback period and less interest rate.

Computer Acquisition Scheme

This loan is for serving Copers (nysc) that want to buy gagdget. The requirmt for the loan is that the person must be a serving member and have their allowee account with gtbank also the loan must be payback before the end of the service year.

To get CAS loan you need to visit any gtbank branches near your location with the following documents

Evidence that you have allowee aciunt with gtbank

Employee undertaken form

Application form ( you will get this when you get there)

Gtbank premium Advance loan

This is something like credit card loan the deferent is that they won’t issue any credit for you the loan will be paced on your debit card.

You can buy any thing online or withdraw through POS with this debit card even if you don’t have money on it but it has a requirements

You need to have been with gtbank for more than 6 months

Your net turn over (the amount going and coming into your account in a year ) should be more than 10m naira

While your net account should not be less than 1m naira in the last 6 months

Gtbank mortgage

This is targeted at people who want to buy a house or landed property, you need to go to the gtbank branch before you can get his kind of loan and you need to meet up with their requirements which are

The property documents

Application form ( you will get it in bank)

Gtbank valuation repot form

Offer letter from the seller

Gtbank quick credit for business

As there is quick credit personal loan GTbank also make provision for business. With this loan you can get a quick credit to expand your business.

The interst on this loan is the same with personal loan, 1..33% and the payback period for business can be up to 1 years.

Before applying you need to meet their requirement which are

The business must be in Nigeria

Your business must be register with CAC

You must have been with GTbankbnk form more then 6 months

GTbank vehicle insurance premium fixing

The loan product is for those that have card and want to pay for the th insurance.

GTbank will help you to pay insurance fee while you payback to gtbank installmentally. The payback period can be as long as 12 months but you need to have account with them spanning at least six months.

Gtbank travel advance loan

Travel advance loan is for tourist who want to visit a country and back. This loan product have segment, you can chose to obatin loan for deferent segment below

Airline ticket, hotel reservation, airport pickup and transfer, tours, and events. As usual you need to have account with gtbank before you can obtain this kind of loan

Question and answer

What is gtbank loan calculator

This is a web app develop by gtbank that help their customer to calculate loan. To use it you will need to input the amount of loan you want to take and the payback period. You interest rate will be calculated and display.

What happen if i default

If your loan product is soft loan such as quick credit loan you will get a penalty of 1% addition to your interest rate and the money will be automatically deducted once money enter into your account

But for heavy loan the one you take from bank directly, bank will increase your interest rate and if you still can’t pay back your collateral will be sold.

How long does it take to get a loan from gtbank

For soft loan it does not exceed 24hrs but for heavy loan it might the upto 4 days provide that you meet the requirements on time

How much loan can I get on my salary

Right now the amount of loan you can get in your salary is 50% that is if you are getting up to #100,000 per month you will get #50,000 loan


Above is the GTbank loan code and how to get loan form gtbank. As you can see to get quick loan from GTbank is easy and does not take time except the heavy loans one which require you to visit bank branch.

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