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How To Start A Soap Production Business In Nigeria

Solid soap which is also called bar soap will always been in demand as long as people keep washing their body, cloth, dish, and as the demand rises so is the profit.

Soap making business is part of business that is often overlook in Nigeria, many entrepreneur would like to set up a tech business or anything clean not soap business and that’s a good news because it actually lower the number of competition.

Also, some entrepreneur would like to go into soap production but their fear of working with chemical and the long process of creating soap keep getting in their way, while other who really want to do the business don’t know how to go about it.

If you are part of those that want to do it, you are in the right place as this article will list in accordance the steps involve in creating a soap making business in Nigeria.

But before we go into the steps I will like you to take note of the following.

Terms in Soap production


These are the baseline of soap. They are added to supplement to make soap.


These are additional ingredients like flavour, which are added to soap to enhance the texture, shape and the scent.


This is when your soap is solid enough for use, usually after leaving it for sometimes.


This is result you get after mixing soap thoroughly such that there is no trace of original ingredients left.


This is result you get after mixing caustic soda with oil.

How much is needed to start soap production business

Amount needed depend on the scale of production, if it is small scale you can start with #100,000 but you will have to source your equipment and raw materials locally if not you will need up to #200,000.

Equipment needed for small scale soap production




Stamping machine.

For large scale sop production

If you want to start with large scale you will need to purchase some heavy equipment these equipment are

Boiler: instead of mixing caustic soda and oil with your hand you can do it wity boiler machine.

Cutting table: you need a large table where soap excess or extruded part can be cut by machine.

Plodder: This is where the soap are molded in to desire shape.

Carton: You need this for packaging your soap.

To set up all this equipment you will need between 3-4 million naira.

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Ingredients needed in soap production

Below are the ingredients that make up soap
Oil (palm kernel oil)

Lye (Caustic soda)


Method of producing  soap

There are various way or method you can use to make a soap, these method are listed below

Melt and pour process

In this process you buy half way done soap, soap that is already mixed but remain some ingredients.

Your task in this method is to melt the soap with heat, mixed with ingredient like flavour and pour into a designed mould.

You might spend more since you will have to buy the pre-made soap. Any way it is a less stress method

Cold process

This takes time because instead of heating your soap with heat you leave it in the hand of environment.

It might take between 5-6 weeks before your soap will be ready. Before I forget, in this method you will prepared everything yourself, no buying of premade soap, but it is better because you have total control on your soap making.

Hot process

Also in this method you make every thing from scratch the deferent here is that you heat your soap, which make it cure atvya rapid rate.

Procedure for making soap

Before you start the production process you need to get your recipe ready. You can get your recipe from people who are already into the business that is why it is advisable to have a mentor before embarking on soap production and If you could not find a mentor you can hire a professional to help you out.

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Put on your glove and glass to prevent injury

Clean your mould and put some lining inside your it.

Measure all the ingredients as specify nside your recipe.

Put your caustic soda inside water to cool it down.

Mix your oil and caustic soda in proportion specify in your recipe.

Make sure the mixture have no trace, then pour into mould.

Smoothen the top with flat spoon.

Cover the top with polythene

Leave it for the time specify in your recipe

Steps involve in starting soap production business in Nigeria

Knowledge is power

Soap business require skill and knowledge, you can get this by interning in a soap production shop and plant, but if you have no time on your side you can employ a professional that will guide you through.

Feasibility study

Carry out feasibility study to check if your soap business will be feasible in your propose location.

Answer the following question in your feasibility study

How easy it is to get raw material in your location?

Is there enough manpower in your location?

Is there a market for soap your location?

How is competition in your location?

Do you have enough capital?

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Business plan

Construct a business plan that will show your vision for the business and how to reach each milestone every year or month.

Though your business plan might not live beyond your second year nevertheless it is recommend you write one, you never know you might want to secure loan from bank or investment from investor.

Register your business

Create a legal business by registering with Cooperate Affairs Commission. You can wave this at a start and register later when your business start to boom.

Chose a location

Below are the factor to consider when choosing a location for your soap production business

How far it is to source of ingredients?

Is there a pliable road in that location?

Is the environment good for soap production business?


If you did your feasibility study wellness, you won’t have problem with marketing, you would have know your target customer and the best medium to reach them.

Below are the advertising medium you can take to reach your customers

Radio/ Television

Flyers/ logo

Branding of vehicle

Business card

Challenges of soap production business

There is no business without is own challenges, below is the challenges you might encounter in soap production business.

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Poor quality

When starting out, you might make have problem of selling your soap because of it irregular size or poor quality.


Equip your self with necessary skill and knowledge before starting soap production business.

Ingredients high cost

The cost of ingredients is not stable especially if you are buying from retail shop.


Buy in bulk and if you don’t have money to buy in bulk you can lias with other soap producers.


Apart form all the steps above, you need passion and diligence to make it in fact it is the same in very other business. Passion that will keep you going in the days of problem and diligence that will wake you up when you’re tired.


Thanks for reading


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