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Extract Soap Review: side effect, does it remove pimples

If you want a tone and moisturize skin, extract soap is your best bet. With extract soap you will have a glowing skin and you can bid any of your skin problem bye bye such as melasma, rashes, dirt, freckles and impurities.

The company producing the soap is in Philippines though there are some imitators company in Nigeria.


The ingredient of the Nigeria extract soap in is slightly deferent from the one produce in Nigeria. They both perform the same function, but I will choose the one made in Philippines anytime, any day

This article is about extract soap review: it side effect and other questions you might have


Extract soap is a king among soaps in Nigeria, if you will not look at the price you will have a great glowing skin.

It does not bleach your skin, what it does is to maintain your skin colour. If you are fair before it will help you maintain that complexion and if you are chocolate you won’t become fair it will help you maintain that your chocolate skin.

Benefit of extract soap

It soften skin
Extract soap will remove any dirt In your skin pore space therefore making it soft. Any harden part of your skin will be loose though it might take time before you will see result.

It brighten skin
Remember, i said extract soap does not bleach, yes It does not but it can brighten it a little. You will not notice the changes on your skin, it is people around you that will notice your glowing skin.


Even skin tone
Some soap will give you skin discoloration, extract soap is not like this, you will have a perfect even skin tone. Your skin colour will rhyme.

Side effect of extract soap

Extract soap does not have much side effect and the one it has can be avoided if you follow my advice. Below are the side effect of extract soap.

Red rash
Since the ingredient contain calamansi (Philippines lime) people with sensitive skin might have a red rash in their body. This side effect will not last, after 1 week the effect will stop.

You might experience itching if you use cream for long time, once you discover itchiness, take a break from the soap.

This is not common, but since some people have reported sunburn while using the cream, if you experience this take a break from the cream.

The sunburn may be due to the calamanasi reaction with the sun .

This is the worst of it, this rarely occur, but you can have a blister on your skin if you have a sentive skin, if you notice this on your skin dump the soap straight away.

Extract soap ingredients

Sodium Salt of Palmitic Acid, Potassium Lactate, Salicylic Acid, Aqua, Niacinamide, Sodium Slicate, Glycerin, Gluconolactone, Propylene Glycol, Carica Papaya Fruit Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Citrus Microcarpe (Calamansi) Fruit Extract, Hydroypropy Methyicelulose, BHT, Fragrance, Cl 77891, CI 15985 and CI 47000.

Question and answer

How to use extract soap
Gently rub the soap to form a lather, apply this lather to your face and body then rinse. To get better result ensure your hand is clean.

How to identify fake extract soap
It is hard to know fake extract soap and the original, you can check the inscription on the cover, if it is English that means it is made in Nigeria if it is Arabic, it is not Nigeria made. Your best bet is to buy from reputable source like konga and jumia.

Is extract soap good for face
Yes, you can use it on your face

Is extract soap a whitening soap
No, it will only maintain your skin colour

Does Extract Soap Contain Hydroquinone?
No, it does not contain Hydroquinone

Does extract soap remove pimples
Yes, it clear off pimples on the face and the body.

How good is extract soap
If you are the type that hate bleaching cream but you will like to maintain your skin complexion extract soap is your best bet. It will not bleach but maintain your skin tone.

Picture of fake extract soap

Is extract soap good for dark skin
Yes, the soap is good for dark skin. Extract soap will lighten a dark skin and nothing more, it will not bleach it nor make it discolor.

How much is extract soap in Nigeria
Extract soap price is between #1,000 to #2,000

Where to buy extract soap in Nigeria
To buy original extract soap head over to jumia or Konga

Extract soap is made in Philippines, but there are some imitators in Nigeria. While some prefer the made in Nigeria some go for made in Philippines. I personally prefer made in Philippines (the one that have Arabic inscription)

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