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How to pay for google ads in Nigeria

One of the pillars of business is advertisement, to make people know your business and buy from you need to create an ad campaign that will derive them to whatever you are selling and one of the best advertising medium in Nigeria is google ads. It is easy and from experience convert better than any ads network in Nigeria

Though the purpose of this article is to show you how to pay for google ads in Nigeria we also touch other part such as what you need to get ready for google ads.


What is a google ad?

Google ads is an advertising arm of google, that help people or organization to promote their business on google. For instance let say your business is about diapers and you run ads on google whenever people search information on diapers your ads will pop up and might lead to sell.

What you need to have before advertising on google

Landing page

This is where traffic from your google ads campaign will go to, it could be blog, a product page or portfolio page whatever it is make sure it is easy to navigate if not you will have a lot of churn rate.


Google ads is not free you need to set apart some budget for your ads, and I’m not talking about $1.


Before you can see return on your campaign you need to advertise for at least 10days. So get the needed capital before you embark on it. If you are lucky you can get a coupon such that you will pay less for the ads.


Though you can do it with your phone, I will advise you to use laptop it is easy to navigate and load quickly


To make payment on google ads you will need master credit card, Africard (UBA), Google does not allow valve card

Payment method for google ad word in Nigeria

Before you can use google ads you need to make some payment and the method to do so are

Master card or Visa card

Out of the three popular card in Nigeria, you can only use two to for google ads, valve which is the third card is not allow and even visa card is not advisable.

I will advise you to get a master card. Below are the bank card that have been proven to work well with google ads

  • UBA Master Card
  • Zenith Master Card
  • Stanbic IBTC Visa Card
  • Gt Bank Master Card.

UBA Africard

This should be listed with card above but it is different, it was developed by UBA bank just for African so as to make online payment easy. It has been proven also to work well with google ads.

How to get UBA Africard

Get the required document

  • An identity card
  • Utility bill
  • 2 passport photograph
  • At least #2,000 to deposit and fee

Once you collate all the required document walk to any UBA bank around you and tell them you want to open Africa. They will give you a form to fill.

After filling the form, they will tell you to come back for the card, when going back go with at least #2,000 to fund your card via the account number written at the back of the card.

You will receive alert immediately through your email or text messages

How to fund Africard

There are two ways to fund your Africard and they are

Over the counter

You can fund your Africard in the bank the same way you fund normal account

UBA mobile app
You can also fund it through UBA mobile bank. Download the app and fill your necessary details

Types of UBA Africard

There are two types of UBA Africard and they are

  • Dollar UBA Africard
  • Naira UBA Africard

The difference between the two is that you can withdraw in dollar with dollar Africard while you can withdraw in naira with naira Africard.

Also your card can be personalize or non-personalized

With personalized card your name will be written on it and it can take more the 1 week before you can get it, while the non-personalized card does not have your name written on, you can get that one the day you request for it.


There are many types of coupon on google ads, they can make it 70% free while you pay the rest and sometime it can be 100% free without making any payment.

The only problem with this method is that you will be limited to one AdWords account.

Steps to pay for google ads in Nigeria

Below are the steps to pay for google ads in Nigeria

Open account

The first step toward setting your ads campaign is to open AdWords account. To open it is simple as long as you have your Gmail account click here to register

On the home page of your google ads account look for billing tab and click it, it will take you to information section where you will see your details provided when registering.
Click on make payment
Next is to kook for make payment tab and click it.

Select credit card
After clicking the payment tab it will. Bring out deferent payment option click on credit card as your payment method.

Enter your credit card details
The next is to enter your credit card detail and billing address. Make sure the detail you enter is the same with the address you use when opening your local bank account

Enter the amount you want to pay
The next in line is to enter the amount of money you want to use for the campaign. Before you click on submit I will advise you to click on review tab to check for any mistake.

Once you are sure that there is no mistake click on submit and within 5 minute your account will be debited and google will send you a confirmation email.

As your ads run your money will be deduct according to the rate you input

Once you are done with this you can go ahead with your ad campaign.


What is the cost of Google Ads in Nigeria?

The cost of google ads in Nigeria depend on the type of ad, and audience, nevertheless you will need at least $30 to run effective ads on google.

The average cost per click (CPC) on google ads in Nigeria is between $0.5 to $1.5 while CPM (cost per impression) is between $0.2 and $1.


If it is your first time, you will surely make some mistake, and when you do reread the article again and you will get it.


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