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Lemonvate Cream Review: side effect, how to use and many more

Lemonvate cream is produce by a brand in Europe called Mitchell. It is produce for the purpose of lighten skin and it does the job well.

Lemonvate cream will light up your skin in short time and it is not a bleaching cream but contain ingredients that help lighten skin. Your skin layer will not be erode


Apart from lightening lemonvate cream also help to clear skin problem like melasma, pimples, freckles and others. It also help to clear up dark spot and sun burn you might have on your skin.

The cream is your best bet if you want to have light skin in short time. it will give you a uniform complexion, your knuckles, knee and other harden part of your skin will be light up.
Most of the ingredient that make up the cream will help nourish your skin.


Benefit of lemonvate cream

Below are the benefit you will see if you use this cream

Fight infection
Lemonvate cream will help protect your body against miro organism attack. All skin problem like melasma, freckles and other serious ones like rashes will be clear up in just two weeks of using this cream.

It light up your skin
Lemonvate cream will light up your skin very fast, it will not bleach your skin away but light it up. Your Knuckles and other harden part of your skin will also be light up such that you will have a uniform complexion.

It clear off dark spot and sunburn
Dark spot are bad they can disfigure face, lemonvate cream will clear them off including sunburn you might have. In four weeks of using this cream your skin will be smooth and clean


It smoothen your skin
Another benefit of this cream is that it help to remove any dirt on the surface of your skin thereby making it smooth. It work does not end on the surface it also goes down to the skin pores and make it clean.

Side effect of lemonvate cream

Below are the side effect of this cream you might encounter while using it

It causes sunburn
Though lemonvate can clear off sunburn, it can also cause it if you stay too long in the sun you will get a sunburn. The only solution to this is to use the cream during the cool hour of the day.

Discoloration for dark skin people
If you are dark skin type you might notice discoloration in the first four weeks of using the cream, it will pass away, if it doesn’t I will advice you to drop the cream.

It causes stretch mark
Prolong use of this cream especially for sensitive skin type can cause stretch mark. If you notice this, take a break from the cream.

How to use lemonvate cream
Rub the cream on your palm and massage it gently to your skin. To have better result use the cream during cool hour of the days. Make sure your hand is clean to prevent contamination.

Lemonvate cream ingredients

Below are the ingredients that makes up lemonvate cream.

Clobetasol Propionate, Arbutin Complex, Monopropylene, Polymer Glycol, Vitamin C, Phenoxyethnol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Buttylparaben, Propylparaben, Tetrasodium Isobutylparaben, EDTA, BHT and Fragrance.

Questions and Answer

Is lemonvate cream good for face
Yes, it is very good for face and other part of the skin. It will clear whatever skin problems you have on your face and make it glow

How good is lemonvate cream
If you are looking for cream that will light up your skin in short time, this cream is your best bet. It will not only light up your skin it will also make it smooth and clean.

Does lemonvate cream remove pimples
Yes, lemonvate cream remove pimples and dark spot.

Does lemonvate cream remove dark spot
Yes, In four weeks of using this cream, your dark spot and other skin problem you might have will be clear off.

Does lemonvate lighten skin
Yes, it will light up you skin very fast

How much is lemonvate cream
The price of lemonvate cream is between #1,000 to #2,000 depending on the seller and the location.

Where to buy lemonvate cream in Nigeria
To buy original lemonvate cream head over to jumia or konga

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