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Top tech startups and companies in Nigeria

Startup in Nigeria started booming around 2010, back then Nigeria could hardly boast of having 20 startups but now it is a different game as Nigeria now has more than 300 hot startup. Crunchbase startup statics shows that Nigeria has more than 200 startups, Weetracker opined that it is 107 while techpoint put the number at 710.

Anyhow what we discovered during our research was that Nigeria has about 300 registered startups.

What is the purpose of this article?

Like all of our article, there is always a purpose for writing them and the reason for this article is to let you know startups that you are in the same industry with, most time entrepreneur think he is the only one solving a particular problem while it may not be true or they may be looking for business model they can adopt from another industry or they might just want to know what to expect in Nigeria startup landscape.

With that purpose in mind we have listed top startups across industry in Nigeria (fintech, marketplace, edtech, ecommerce, health and others).

Top Tech startups and companies in Nigeria

1) Authocheck
Authocehck was founded by Etop Ikpe in 2020 to facilitate the buying and selling of car in Nigeria.

They build a marketplace that will connect buyer and seller together and not only that, they also include repairing, car washing, battery service, painting anything you can think of about car.

They are the all in one solution in Nigeria automobile industry.

Founder: Etop Ikpe

Category : Marketplace

Founded in 2020

Total fund receive: $3.4 million

Customer care contact

2) Cowry wise
Cowry wise make it possible for Nigeria to save and earn. It is a perfect solution to Nigerian bad spending habit.

Users have different option to invest, they can chose to let the app deduct money directly from their account every month or they save it themselves.

Whatever plan they chose thee is assurance of earning better than what bank will offer.

Founder Edward: Popoola and Razaq Ahmed

Founded in 2017

Category: Fintech

Total fund received: $170,000


5c Rev Ogunbiyi st,Ikeja GRA, Nigeria

Phone no +2348022212229

Email address [email protected]

3) Eden
Eden was founded by Nadayar Enegesi, Prosper Otemuyiwa and Silm Momoh in 2019.

They make life easier and allow people to concentrate on their job by providing on demand cooking and home services.

You don’t have to call before they come to you with just a tap of a button you will schedule your lunch, dinner, also if you want your house cleaned, flower cut, in fact anything house chores.

Founder Nadayar Enegesi, Prosper Otemuyiwa and Silm Momoh

Category: Home service

Founded in 2019

Total fund receive: Not disclose


Address block 3d flat 5 Jacob estate, Adebisi street, Yaba Lagos, Nigeria

Phone no +2349039642139

Email address [email protected]

4) Chacka
Before it was an herculean task to invest in foreign stock in fact it was impossible but thanks to Chaka you can now invest in Nigeria stock and foreign stock with your phone and at your convenient time.

Not only that you have option to let them invest for you, no broker fees just you and your phone.

Founder; Tosin Osibodu

Category: Investing

Total fund received: not disclose

Founded in 2019


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5) Giga layer
Giga layer is one of the most popular web hosting services in Nigeria, they provide domain names registration, website hosting (share hosting and dedicated hosting) and website security certificate.

They have been in business since 2012 and this makes them trustworthy also they boast of having thousands of customers doing business with them.

Founder: Ahmad Mukoshy

Category: Web hosting

Founded in 2012

Address 378 Herbert Macaulay way, Yaba Lagos, Nigeria

Phone no +2348098500186

Email address [email protected]

6) Fluterwave
Fluterwave busness model is simple; they help people receive money all over the world, it is a perfect solution to buyers or freelancer who wants to sell to foreign customer or client.

Ever since it establishment in 2016 they have been extending their tentacles to other African country and recently they claim they have process more than $8 billion in transaction.

Founder: Iyinoluwa Aboyeji and Olugbenga Agboola

Category: Fintech

Founded in 2016

Found received till date: $64.7million

8, providence street Lekki phase one, Lagos, Nigeria.

Phone no

Email address

7) Flying doctor
Flying doctor set out to provide air ambulance to solve emergency health problem such as road accidents which is a norms in Nigeria.

They have save a lot of people with emergency health problem who are jam in traffic or in inaccessible place. Flying doctor is not new, they have been in business for over 11 years .

Founder: Olamide Orekurin

Founded in 2009

Category: Healthcare

Founder receive till date: $10, million

Address +234 7035097761

Email address
[email protected]

8) Bamboo
Bamboo also help Nigerian to invest their money in Nigerian and foreign stock, you don’t need to change your money to dollar, with your naira you are good to go.

What make them different to other sock buying platform is that they take data of their user serious.

Founder: Yanmo Omorogbe and Richmond Bassey

Funding receive till date $150k

Founded in 2019

Category: Fintech

Adress plot 1 block, 22, Babatunde Anjous ave, Lekki phase 1 Lagos Nigeria.

Email address

9) Konga
Konga was founded in 2012 following jumia to give people the ability to buy product at their convenient time, they offer different product such as book, stationeries, healthcare, cloths, baby products etc. it was acquire recently by Zinox and they continue to wax stronger.

Founder: Nnamdi ekeh and Sim shagaya

Founding received: $79.5 million

Category: Ecommerce

Founded in 2012

Address kosofe, Nigeria
Phone no 07080635700
Email [email protected]

10) Lifebank
Life bank was established to help transport vital medical supplies and blood form blood banks to hospitals.

They can be regarded as marketplace that connect hospitals to the medical supplies source, they have about 670 hospital on their list and have save numerous lives.

Founder: Temmie Giwa Tubosun

Category: Medtech

Founded in 2015

Founding receive: $225k

Address connal road, Herbart Macauly way, Yaba 101212, Lagos Nigeria
Phone no +2349097167238
Email [email protected]

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11) Paga
Paga champion cashless policy in Nigeria, they help people send and receive money with just a click of button on an app which and thanks to them there is reduction in the incidence of robbery in Nigeria.

They boast of having more than 16,000,000 Nigerian on their platform.

Founder: Tayo Oviosu

Founding receive till date: $32, 700,000

Category: Fintech

Founded in 2009

Address 176, Herbert Macauly road yaba Lagos
Contact 07000007242
Email service

12) Ulesson
Ulesson was founded by Sim Shagaya with the aim to help students especially secondary school student have personalized learning and know their performance with how to improve.

Founder: SiM shagaya

Category: Edtech

Founded in 2020

Found receive till date: $3.1 million

Contacts Jos, Nigeria
Phone no +234 7000222333
Email [email protected]

13) Gradely
This is another startup doing what Ulesson is doing but they have been in the space since 2019.

Although they also target secondary school student, they are different in the sense that they use analytic and algorithm to provide personalize and adaptive learning which means if student continue to take lesson , the platform will know what they want and teach them with leaning method that fit them.

Founder: Boye Oshinaga

Category: Edtech

Found receive till date: $35,000

Founded in 2019

14) Wemove technologies
Wemove is a marketplace that connect vehicle owner to those that want to hire it. It was founded in 2017 and currently in 4 countries which are Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Zambia. So far they have been doing their business perfectly as there are a lot of good reviews about them on the internet.

Founder: Chima Ezeokoye, Majid Tokurah and Celstine

Category: Marketplace

Founded in 2017

Address 78 bode Thomas, Surulere Lagos
Email [email protected]

15) Thrive Agric
Thrive Agric is an agriculture investment startup whose aim is to improve food productivity in Nigeria by providing farmer with adequate founding.

They connect investor with farmer who needs money to finance their business. After the end of the farming cycle which is usually around 3 month investors will receive their capital plus interest.

Founder: Uka Eje

Founding receive till date: $385k

Founded in 2016

Category: Agritech
Address 31, 411 Crecent Citech villas, Abuja, Nigeria.

Email [email protected]

Wealth,ng help people to invest their money in securities, stock, bonds, real estate, agro investment treasury bills and mutual funds.

They are one stop solution for investment.

Founder: Ibukun Awosika

Found receive till date: $18.6 million

Founded in 2010

Category: Fintech
Address 35B Cameron road, off Alfred rewane Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria
Phone no +23412955546
Email [email protected]

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17) Vinsighte
Vinsingate deal with visually impaired people, it helps them to move, read, and write with Snar technology. They are one of the startup that got into 2019 Facebook accelerator program.

Founder: Oluwatomisin Kolawole

Founded in 2018

Address liniux professional institute tech road university of Ibadan, Ibadan Nigeria
Phone no
Email [email protected]

18) Rise
Risevest also help people to invest in Nigeria and foreign stock but it does not end there, they also allow people to invest in US real estate, stocks and Eurobonds.

Founder: Eleanya Eke urum

Founding till date: $62,000

Founded in 2018

Category: Fintech

Address Jacob mews estate, adebisi street, yaba Lagos
Phone no

19) Paystack
Paystack is like Flutterwave they also help people to receive money from different source.

Founder: Shola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi

Founding receive till date: $11.5 million

Category: Fintech

Address 126 Joel Ogunnaike st Ikeja gra Lagos Nigeria.
Phone _2349085662920
Email [email protected]

Piggyvest allow people to save and earn. It allows people to set amount to save weekly or monthly and it will automatically deduct it from their bank.

Founder: Ayo Akinola, Joshua Chibueze Nonso and Oduayo Eweniyi

Founding receive till date: $1.2 million

Founded in 2016

Category: Fintech

3abdulrahamn okene close Lagos, Nigeria
Phone no
Email [email protected]

21) Otrac
Otrac is startup that helps health practitioner in Africa to learn more. Otrac aim is to increase the knowledge of health professional in Nigeria thereforeimproving Nigeria healthcare sector.

Founder: Faridah Kabir

Found receive $70,000

Founding year 2016

Category: Edtech

Abuja, Nigeria
Phone no +2348038471835
Email [email protected]

22) Opay

Opay was founded by Chinese company with the sole aim of processing payment , providing food delivery and transportation (Oride), but it is only Opay that stand the test of time as other startup no longer exist.

Founder: Yahui Zhou

Found receive $170 million

Founded in 2018

Category: Fintech

Alexander house, Fela way, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria.
PhonE no +234018888329
Email ng [email protected]

23) Hotels ng
Hotels ng solve the problem of looking for where to stay when travel. They connect traveler with decent hotels In Africa.

Founder: Mark Esssien

Found receive $1.5 million

Founded in 2012

Category: Hospitality

Address 3, Nirrel Avenue, Sobo Yaba Lagos, Nigeria.
PHone no 07008808800
Email [email protected]

24) Neo haul technologies (Haulr)
Neo haul are trucks tracker. They help individual and organization to track their and this helps to reduce theft and goods transportation cost.

Founder: Tom Chite

Founded in 2018

Category: logistics

Address Montgomery road, yaba Lagos Nigeria

25) Abeg app
Abeg app is a Fintech that uses element of social platform; they allow people to ask for payment from their friends, family and debtors starting with ‘abeg’

Founder: Muheez Akanin, Michael Okoh and Dare Adekoya
Found in 2020
Category: Fintech

Inflow Finace
Inflow Finace put people bank account in one place making it easy to track spending and create budget.
Founded in 2020

Others are

Helium health



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