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How to find startup/ Business ideas in Nigeria

Startup idea is not hard to find, you just have to put yourself in shape to find them.

In our day to day activities there are lot of problems we encounter, if only we can put our self inform to see this ideas, we will be building a billion dollar business in the next five to ten years.


Before we go into the the deferent ways you can find an idea, there is a warning.

Never think of idea



I know your are shock.

Because startup ideas we think of or generate with our brain is usually perfect, in fact too perfect that we would not see the sinking hole of this ideas. Most startup that become unicorn today are not a product of mind instead they are product of observation.

Do not think a startup idea instead observe problems


With that we will go into the ways you can generate your next billion dollar business

How to generate business idea in Nigeria

Live the problem

Check your daily life, what are the problem you encounter everyday, there is a believe, that if you are having problem doing something, someone somewhere is also having the same problem just like how Stripe was born.

This kind of problem will infuse you with passion, since it is what you experience everyday, and this is kind of problem angel investors and VCs likes to back.


Unbound your idea

We want our idea to look real, or meet our assumed realities, but most time Ideas that becomes sensation is noting but simple things, these ideas are not meant to become a startup. Check Google, Airbnb, Microsoft, they were just a side project.

To get good ideas that will stand the test of time, try to lay your hand on projects, later one out of the project can become a startup, you never know.

Hard problem

Look around you, there are problems our mind pass when we are looking for problem to solve, the reason is not far fetch.

Those problems look too difficult for us that we will not try to find it’s solution, for instance when did Paystack and Flutterwave started, it was around 2015, imagine all this days there was no real fintech startup because it look too hard.

Most of this problem usually carry monopoly around them, because of the difficulties it will take other people to create it, therefore, creating a high barrier of entry.

Answer why not

There are so many conception in this world, implanted long ago into our mind, before we know jack. The way government is been run, the way society works, the way we do things, we believe it is the absolute way everything suppose to be done.

What if you start questioning those believes and thoughts, believe me you would find a billon dollar business in it.

If you see a way things is been done that is archaic, ask yourself, can this be improve or disrupt. If your answer is no. Follow it why not.

Make two love bird

In looking for ideas do not stay in one industry, combine deferent industry together, there is no law regulating this.

Take technology and match it with other industry. Agriculture in Nigeria and Africa has the most archaic system, yet no one is trying to make a dent in this industry, because the techy people and entrepreneurs are occupied with shiny object.

Why don’t you look for problem you can solve with tech.

Copy fast

Why most of the startup in America may not work in Nigeria, the likes of Uber, food delivery, booking startup still do. Look for america startup that have possibility of working in Nigeria and copy it fast. You may think it bad but that is what startup is all about, if the owner(well, no one own an idea) of an idea can not execute perfectly, you beat him to it.

Before you copy idea, check if it has been patented in your country of residence, if yes look for another idea, you don’t want to combine a copy right infringement case with the nuances of startup.

Question and Answer

Most time people have solution to different problem affecting humanity at least in theory, but they don’t know unless you draw it out with questions.

Ask people about their view on problem you know will interest them and not only that ask for its solution.

If the person is intelligent he will offload all his thought about that problem. Do this to five people at least and you will find yourself a startup idea and not only that, you may have found a cofounder.

Change environment

Some environment repel idea observation. If you are living in an high brow area it will be hard to notice problems, since most of the problems were taking care of. It would look like the word is perfect, until you move out and see realities.

With all been said, I want you to look at business idea as a problem solving endeavor. Do not try to find a startup idea if you are not ready to solve problems and again do not think startup instead observe.

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