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Top 7 startup that  failed in Nigeria and Why

Startup is an experiment, it can fail or succeed, if it fail, the next thing is to analyse the startup and look for the reason, this will equip entrepreneur in their next venture.

But why wait till your startup fail before you learn the cause of it failure!!!


In this post we list popular Nigeria startup that have gave up the ghost and the reason they did.

Startup that failed in Nigeria




Olx is a classified adds, that allow people to sell their goods and services for free. It was founded by Nasper.

It came into Nigeria in 2012 with the hope of having great ROI, but it was a dashed hope as they leave the country 3years later.

Why did Olx failed


From the outside, it look like nothing was wrong with OLX, but  inside a lot that lead to it crumble was going on.

Olx assumption about Nigeria was wrong, their Projected ROI was Nothing but a guess work. When they get to 2 years + and the revenue is not moving, they decided to leave Nigeria and Kenya market for South Africa whose market value can give a good ROI to them.

In short, OLX leave Nigeria because of Low ROI


Camplus has a great vision; to connect student together for the purpose of buying and selling, it was a good idea, the #4 million revenue they make  in their first four months could testify to it, but they still fail

Why did Camplus failed

Camplus had a badluck, they came in during recession, so the cost of running the business multiplied therefore leading to it downfall.

In short, Bad timing kill Camplus


Caketunes is a marketplace,  founded by Ability Elijah in the hope of selling tunes and video to firms.

It has a clean business model, but it still fail.

Why did Caketunes failed

It was Competition that crumple Caketunes. It is easy to compete with Company or startup that charges their customers, but competing with one that offer their product free would be disaster.

Caketunes was competing with tunes producer who give out the same quality of tunes for free.

In short, Competition and lack of research kill Caketunes.

Startup that failed in Nigeria


Showroom have no other mission than to help Carpenter in Nigeria sell their goods. It created a platform where carpenters can post picture of their finished goods.

Initially it was going fine for showroom untill scaling becomes their problem, they couldn’t scale the startup for over 12 years of it existence, so they pack up

In short, Showroom failed because they couldn’t Scale.

Startup that failed in Nigeria


Oyapay was founded by three people, but spearheaded by Abdulhamid Hassan, It was a Finetech startup that enable people to send and receive money.

Oyapay was killing it with a lot of customers buying into the company.

Why did Oyapay fail

Oyapay failed not because of Economic downtown nor lack of customers, but because of Investment go wrong.

It happened that Hassan Collect some money from his uncle has an investment, when it times for the startup to move away from product market fit to onboarding mainstream customers and raised fund, Hassan’s Uncle refused to get his Investment diluted. This lead to the death of the startup.

Oyapay bite the dust, because of ‘Investment go wrong”


Easy Taxi

It was Cofounded by Rocket Internet Hordes a Brazilian company and Bankole Cardoso of Nigeria. It enter Nigeria market in 2013 with the aim of expanding its market reach, unknowingly that Africa market is not the same with that of Latin America.

Why did Easy Taxi failed

Easy Taxi packed out of Nigeria in 2016, because of low turn out of customer and  revenue.

In short, low revenue killed Easy Taxi



Oride was one of the startup release by Operamini, it was a ride hailing startup that focus on bike as means of transportation.

Oride closed shop as a result of Lagos Government Policy; that stop bike riding activities in Lagos.

Since 90% of their customers were in  Lagos, they have no choice than to leave the startup.


In short, Oride death was as a result of Government Policy.

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