Lotion Peau De Lune Review: side effect, ingredients and benefit

Lotion Peau De Lune will clear of your skin problem within short time, it is very potent and can be use by all skin types including sensitive and dark skin. It will wipe out skin problem like melasma, freckles, pimples, dark head and others.

It is one of the best cleanser out there it will not bleach your skin but light it up uniformly. It has cleansing ability it will remove dirt on your skin, including dead skin cell , it will also goes into the skin pores and clean it up there by making your skin smooth.

It help to conserve skin moisture therefore preventing skin dryness and flakiness. It is price between #2,000 to #3,000 depending on the seller and the location. There are fake of this product out there so try to buy from reputable source.


Types of Lotion Peau De Lune lotion

Lotion Peau De Lune is of many types, depending on the type of skin. The deferent in them is the degree of potency. Below are the most common ones

Brown Lotion Peau De Lune
This comes in a brown container, it is targeted at people who have thick skin, I mean people that have stubborn pimples and other skin problem.

Pink Lotion Peau De Lune
This is for people with nomal skin types, it will clear off skin problem and also lighten skin slightly.


Green Lotion Peau De Lune
This come in green container this is targeto at sensitive skin people, it wil not light up skin

Benefit of Lotion Peau De Lune cleanser

Below are the benefit you will enjoy if you use the cleanser

Smooth skin
Lotion Peau De Lune cleanser will clean up the dirt on your skin and also remove dead skin thereby making your skin smooth and glow like that of a baby, the most interesting about the cleanser is that it works very fast within 1 month if using the cream you will notice positive changes.


No pimples
If you have pimples on your skin you cab bid it bye, this cream will wipe it out in short notice. It will remove the clogs in the skin pores thereby preventing the formation of pimples. Your skin will become smooth and clean.

No sunburn and dark spot
Another benefit of this cleanser is that it will clear off dark spot or sunburn on your face and it will do it very fast. It will light the palce up such that it become even with the rest of the skin.

It moisturise your skin
Lotion Peau De Lune help to conserve skin moistures thereby preventing skin dryness and flakiness. It will also help to refresh your skin thereby making it smooth and soft.


Side effect of Lotion Peau De Lune cleanser

There is no advantage without disadvantages below are the side effect of this cleanser you might encounter while using it.

It causes pimples
Funny the cleanser that cure pimples can also cause it. Some people have reported that the cleanser make their pimples break out most of this people have sensitive skin types.

What I discovered is that they bought the wrong type of Lotion Peau De Lune. If you have sensitive skin go for the green Lotion Peau De Lune


It cause sunburn
Lotion Peau De Lune also causes sunburn it does not have sunscreen, though it wil later clear off the sunburn. The solution to this is to stay away from sun

Skin redness
If you use this cleanser for a long time you might develop skin redness, it very common for sensitive skim people, if you detect this, it is time to take a break from the cream.

How to use Lotion Peau De Lune cleanser

Pour some of the cleanser in to a cotton wool such that it soak, massage your skin gently with this cotton wool, once dry apply moisturiser.


Wash your hand before you use the cleanser to prevent contamination.

Questions and answer

Does Lotion Peau De Lune cibayin hydroquinone

No, it does not contain hydroquinoe


How good is Lotion Peau De Lune cleanser
The cleanser is very good it clean up dirt on your skin and make it smooth.

Does Peau De Lune Cleanser contain hydroquinoe
No, it does not contain hydroquinoe

Is Peau De Lune Cleanser good for dark skin
Yes, it is good for dark skin and other skin types


How To Know Original Peau De Lune CleanserCleanser

To know original Peau De Lune Cleanser check the bar code, the bar code of the original has no background colour, while barcode of the fake one has white background.

To prevent this stress buy from reputable source and you will not have to worry about buying fake one.


How much is Peau De Lune Cleanser

The price of Peau De Lune Cleanser in Nigeria is between #2,000 to #3,000 depending on the location and seller

Where to buy Peau De Lune Cleanser


To buy original Peau De Lune Cleanser head over to jumia

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