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3 Beta Cream Review: side effect, benefit and how to use it

3 beta cream will light up your skin very fast thanks to Clobetasol propionate an ingredient that fasten the process of skin lightening. 3 beta cream will light up your body perfectly; your knuckles, knee, elbow and other harden part of your skin will be light up.

This cream is your best bet if you want to have light skin without skin problem, it will clear off skin problem like melasma, freckles, dark heads,pimples and others, it does this very fast, in four weeks of using the cream you will Start noticing positive result.


It comes in 30g and it is sold around #1,000 depending on the seller and your location.
This article is about 3 beta cream: side effect, benefit and other questions you might have, stay tune

Benefit of 3 beta cream

Below are the benefit you will enjoy if you use this cream


It light up your skin
The fist benefit of this cream is that it light up your skin and it does it very fast and perfectly. It is not a bleaching cream but can brighten uo skin.

Your knuckles, elbow, knee and other harden part of your skin will be light up such that you have a uniform complexion.

It has antibacterial property
The cream also double as medicated cream it help wipe out bacterial on your body and make it clean and healthy. Skin problem like freckles, pimples, melasma, dark head, will also be clear off.

It smoothen your skin
Another benefit of this cream is that it smoothen your skin.


Dead skin cell will be cleared off and the skin pores will also be clean thereby preventing the formation of acne and other skin problem. The cream will leave your skin smooth and glowing.

It clear sunburn and dark spot
If you have sunburn or dark spot on your skin you can bid them bye, this cream will clear it up in just four weeks of using it leaving your face with uniform complexion

Side effect of 3 beta cream

Late healing
Due to the chemical substance called Clobetasol propionate presence in this cream it will take time before you will be heal if you have injury. So try to avoid injury at all cost

If you stay too long in the sun you might have sunburn. The solution to this is to stay away from sun as much as possible and only use the cream during the cool hour of the day

Stretch mark
For sensitive skin people you might have a stretch mark after using the cream for more than one year. If you detect this it is time to take a break from the cream.

How to use 3 beta cream

Rub the cream on your palm and massage it gently to your skin. To have a better result ensure your hand is clean to avoid contamination.

3 beta cram ingredient

Below are the ingredient that makes up 3 beta cream

Clobetasol Propionate, Miconazole Nitrate and Neomycin Sulphate

Questions and answers

Is 3 Beta Tube a Bleaching Cream
No, the cream is not a bleaching cream

Doe 3 beta cream contain hydroquinone
No, it does not contain hydroquinone

How good is 3 beta cream
The cream is very good, it will light up your skin very fast and not only that it will also make it smooth and void of skin problem.

Is 3 beta cream good for fair skin
Yes the cream is good for fair skin and other skin types

Can 3 beta cream clear pimples
Yes the cream help to clear pimples and other skin problem

How much is 3 beta cream in Nigeria
The price of 3 beta cream is between #700 to #1,000 depending on the seller and your location

Where to buy 3 beta cream in Nigeria
To buy original 3 beta cream head over to Konga or jumia

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