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UBA no wahala loan code: How to apply for uba loan

UBA bank is one of the bank that give loan to people in Nigeria, once you have account with them spanning more than 6 months you are eligible to take loan. With UBA no wahala loan you can get a loan of up to #500,000.

What is UBA no wahala loan

UBA no wahala loan is coin from Yoruba words which means no problem, it is personal loan that UBA launch during Covid-19 pandemic. It main purpose is to help people regain their financial capacity.


Requirements to get UBA no wahala loan

The requirements are

You must have account with UBA spanning 6 months


You should work in a reputable company

You must not have defaulted on any loan before

You should have a good credit score

Employee offer letter, which will prove that you are earning


How much you can get from UBA no wahala loan code

You can get up to #500,000 without collateral and up to #10m with collateral. The amount of loan you can get depends on your credit score if you makes heavy transaction with your account you will be eligible for high loan.

How to apply for UBA no wahala (personal) loan

To apply for this loan head over to uba bank near your location and ask for uba personal loan, you will be given a form to fill, after that your account will be creditd.

You can also use the UBA mobile app but the amount of loan you will get from the app is smaller. To can download uba app from play store for android user or app store for iPhone user.

UBA no wahala loan ussd code

Another way to request for uba no wahala loan is to dial a USSD code on your phone, it is fast and easy, you don’t need to visit any bank. But know that the amount of loan you will get is snaller compare to what you will get in bank. The UBA no wahala loan USSD code is *919*28#

Interest rate of UBA no wahala loan

The interest rate is between 5% to 25% depending on the repayment period and the amount of loan obtain, the repayment period is between 1 month to 12 months also depend on credit score.

Repaying your no wahala loan

You don’t need to worry about paying the loan back just ensure you have the loan amount in your bank account, it will be automatically deducted when the loan due date is reach.

What will happen if you don’t pay back your loan

If you default you will be punished inform of increase in loan interest rate and if you refuse to pay back; your name, BVN and other details will be blacklist by the credit bureau which means you will not be able to access credit again in Nigeria until you clear your name.

What I like about UBA no wahala (personal) loan

  • It is very fast
  • No stress of paying back

What I don’t like about UBA no wahala loan

  • You need to have account with them spanning 6 months
  • The loan interest rate is much


UBA no wahala loan is one of the fastest loan product o UBA bank, you don’t even need to go to bank, with your phone you can obtain the loan with just a used code *919*28#.

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