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Cacatin cream review: side effect, is it a bleaching cream

Cacatin cream is the most underated medicated cream. The cream is very good, it has antifungal and anti bacterial property which will help you deal with skin problem like melasma, rashes, dark spot pimples, white patches and others.

It does not not bleach the skin it will only clear this skin problem


Cacatin is very fast within 2 weeks of using this cream you will notice positive changes on your skin and you know what the cream is not expensive with #300 you will buy the cream. You can mix it with other cream or use it alone

The cream will clean your skin and remove dead skin cell and dirt on the surface, it also goes in to the skin pores and remove the clogs thereby making your skin smooth and soft like that of a baby.


Cacatin is a mild cream it can be use by any one including baby and by any skin type including sensitive skin. It is one of the best antifungal cream out there.

There are now fake of this product so buy from reputable source

This article is all about cacatin cream: side effect, benefit , and other question you might have about the cream stay tune

Benefit of cacatin cream

Below are the benefit of cacatin cream you will enjoy if you use it


It smoothen your skin
The firs benefit of this cream is that it smoothen your skin and make it soft. It clear off dirt and dead skin cell and exfoliate your skin. It works very fast within two weeks of using this cream your skin will be smooth and soft

It clear skin problem
If you have any skin problem like pimples freckles, melasma, dark head, you can bid bye to it. Cacatin will wipe them out in short time and prevent it formation such that you won’t have to deal with them again.

It clear off sunburn and dark spot
Sunburn can be torn in the flesh but for those that work under the sun there is no escaping it, with cacatin you can use it to clear sunburn off when it appears.

It clean up your skin
Cacatin will go deep into your skin pores and clean, it will also remove clogs thereby making your skin soft like that of a baby.

Side effect of cacatin cream
The cream does not have much side effect, just that it can cause pimples out break on sensitive skin and this will later go away.

How to use cacatin cream
Rub the cream on your palm and apply it gently to your skin, after sometime rinse it off and apply moisturiser.

To have better result wash your hand before you rub the cream to prevent contamination also use the cream during the cool hour of the day.

Cacatin cream Ingredient

Below are the Ingredients that makes up cacatin cream

0.4mg Shea Butter, 0.1mg Honey, 0.1 Local Sulphur, 10mg Caca Leaf and 10mg Caca BarkBark

Question and Answer

Does cacatin bleach the skin
No, cacatin does not bleach the skin

Can cacatin cream be use for baby
Yes, you can use cacatin cream for baby

How good is cacatin cream
Cacatin cream is very good, it will wipe out your skin problem and make it smooth

Is cacatin good for face
Yes it is good for face, it will smoothen good skin and make it soft

Does cacatin lighten skin
No, it does not lighten skin

Does cacatin cure pimples
Yes, it will clear off pimples and other skin problem

How long does cacatin last
Cacatin cream is very effective, it efffevt last for more than 3 days after this you need to use the cream again

Cacatin cream price in Nigeria
The price of cacatin cream is between #200 to #300 depending on the location and the seller

Where to buy cacatin cream in Nigeria
To buy original cacatin cream head over to konga

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