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How to pay back access bank loan

It no longer a news that you can get a loan with a just a click on your phone, much more easy than it was some years ago thanks to entrepreneur and loan companies who take it as a job to provide fund for the populace

The problem people are having now is how to payback their loan, not having knowledge of this has make many people pay penalties inform of money i.e paying more than they owe.


This is why we’ve decide in Startupprenur to give out information on how to pay back loan in Nigeria. Today we will be dealing with how to payback Access bank loan.

Before going to into the steps I want you to know that there are two way of paying back Access bank loan according to the type if loan product you take.


Some loan require you to visit Access bank branch e.g business loan while pay day loan, salary top up loan can be pay back from your phone or bank account.

Paying back your small Access bank loan

To pay back your loan, you don’t need to go to bank just top up your account with amount more than your loan, Access bank will deduct the amount you owe them automatically.
Or you can dial the code you use to take the loan *901*11# or *426*11# and follow the prompt

Paying back your huge Access loan

If your loan fall into business or manufacturing loan or more than 2 million naira you will have to go to access bank branch to pay the money.


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