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Access bank loan: Code to borrow money from access bank and requirements

Before, it is hard to get loan from bank; you will need to provide some document, guarantor and collateral which will be more than the amount you want to borrow, but thanks to Fintech it has open Nigeria banks to instant loan, now you can borrow money from deferent banks in Nigeria with just a tap on your phone. One of the bank that give loan to their customer in Nigeria is Access bank

Though Access bank does not require collateral nor paper work for small loan which have a payback period of 30 days, it actually do for long term loan, in short access bank has deterrent loan, targeting deferent segment of their customer, this loan are


Types of loan offer by access bank

Lending Against Turnover (LATO)

This types of loan is targeted at non salary earners, it does not require collateral or paper work, you can get it by dialing a code on your phone (*909*11*1). The pay back period of this loan is 30 days and you need to have been with Access bank for at least six months before you can be eligible for this loan.

Personal loan

This is for salary earner who have been receiving their salary with Access bank for some months, it is also easy to obtain and the pay back period can last as long as 36 months.


  • Bvn
  • Have account with access bank
  • Must have been using the account to receive salary for at least six months

Salary advance loan

Salary advance loan is like personal loan but the amount given depend on the salary the requester is receiving per month, for instance a person collecting 100,000 naira will have access to #100,000 loan and nothing more.

Like the two loan product above it require no collateral or documentations, and it can be gotten from Access bank app or use the code (*909*11*1)


  • Bvn
  • Have account with access bank
  • Must have been using the account to receive salary for at least six months

Creative Sector Loans

This loan is from federal government, banks like Access bank are just the intermediaries, it is targeted at business owner who are in industry like fashion, tech, movie and others.

It is a heavy loan and as such require documentation and collateral, only go for this loan if you have a business.


  • Business plan
  • Statement of account

Advance for School Fees

This is an education loan, it is targeted at student who want to pay their schools fees or course material. The loan is given to parents and not the student so if you are a student reading this, you need to go with your parents.


  • Application form
  • Recent schools fees invoice
  • Valid ID card
  • Recent Utility bill

W Power Loan

W power loan is another business loan but is targeted at women. If you are a lady with a business, kindly work to Access bank and request for this loan but note it require documentation and you might ask to provide collateral.


  • Must be own by woman
  • Have been in business for at least 1 year and have at least 2 workers

Small Ticket Personal Loan

Small ticket personal loan is like salary advance loan just that here you can access 400% of your salary that is if you are collecting #100,000 per month you can get a loan of #400,000 but you must have been with Access bank for months before you will access this kind of loan.


  • Bvn
  • Have account with access bank
  • Must have been using the account to receive salary

Device finance

This loan type is actually funny, do you know you can get loan to pay for phone, laptops and other consumer tech, I’m sure you don’t.

If you want to buy phone or any gadget kindly work to Access bank to request for the loan. The only thing about this loan is that you might be require to buy only from access bank partners.

Vehicle finance

This is also like Device finance, with Access bank you can get a car loan and the pay back period is 48 months isn’t that good.

But you need to provide at least 20% of the loan before you can access it, this will show your seriousness.

Paying back access bank loan

One of the advantages of bank loan is that you don’t need to hustle before paying back the loan, it will be automatically deducts from your account. And this a reason why you need to borrow want you can pay back to avoid story that touch.

What is the code for access bank loan in Nigeria

To get a instant or pay day loan from access bank dial the USSD code *909*11*1 on your phone, you will see the amount of loan you are eligible to borrow. The pay back period is usually a month and it will be automatically deducted once their is money inside your account.


Above is the information on how to borrow money from access bank. As stated above some of the loan product require collateral while others do not, whatever loan you take ensure you have a payback plan.

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