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List of biggest snail farm in Nigeria

There are a lot of way to enter snail rearing industry, you can be a farmer that will rear snail to table size, a middle man that will connect buyer to seller or a retailer that will buy snail from farmer and sell it to consumer e.g. restaurant, hotel and individual.

In all this way or niche of snail rearing, there are time when demand will be more than expected, therefore farmer or retailer need to know deferent snail farm in Nigeria where they can buy snail in large quantities to offset the demand because if they refuse to meet those demand they will surely lose them.


This is what we think that made us list the biggest snail farm in Nigeria where you can get a lot of snail but before we go into the list I will like you to take note of the following

How profitable is snail farming in Nigeria

Snail farm is very profitable provided that you have all the requirement which are


1) Knowledge
Before you can make success with snail farming you need knowledge of how thing is been done, what feed you should feed your snail, how to house and where to locate your snail farm, how to process it

You need to get all this knowledge from someone who is already making money with snail farming business.

2) Buy good breeds of snail
Though we have different breeds of snail in Nigeria, you should not house all of them look for one that can go along with your plan, if you want to sell your snail to hotels and restaurant in Nigeria go for Achachatina Maginata, if it is to export your snail go for Achatina Achatina.

3) Market segment
Locate the market you want to sell your snake to, is it hotels, restaurant, office or individual this will let you know whether to processed your snail or not and whether to engage in snail packaging


4)Have a mentor
Every business is hard, to have a success in any endeavor you need to have a mentor that will guide you through at least for some months, don’t go at it alone believe me it will be a disaster.

5) Combine with other animal
At the beginning of snail farming business people will not know you that is why you need to engage in other farming activities such as poultry farming pending the time they will start asking you for snail.

How and where to sell your snail in Nigeria

Many people ask this a lot when they are already into snail farming business which is a wrong question because before starting your snail farm, you need to have known your market and how to get your product across to them. Well you can use the following method to sell your snail.

Leg work
Go to hotels and restaurant with your process snail sample, if it is well package they will surely contact you and don’t forget to get NAFDAC registration

Set up social media account and post deferent snail pictures, before you know people will start contacting you for snail

Create a website
Create a website for your snail farm it will serve as a landing page for all traffic. Your website will contain useful content that will attract people. To create a website with SEO contents contact us.

Cost of starting snail farm in Nigeria

Cost of starting snail farm Nigeria depend on the scale of production and the breeds of snail to house but all in all you should have about #50,000 to #500,000 to start snail farm in Nigeria

List of biggest snail farm in Nigeria

Below is the list of biggest snail farm in Nigeria

1) Milky snail farm
The first on our list is milky snail farm, though the farm is also into a lot of farming activities such as poultry, consultancy and feed formulation they make our first list because of their snail faming output.

Their snail section sits on 2 acres of land. They also engage in snail processing and snail exportation.


Address: Abayomi Iwo Road, Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria.

Phone no +234 703 255 463

2) Dika Farms and Consults

Dika farms and consult is a dual purpose farm that deal with farming and consultation. They have deferent section on their farm and one of the sections is dedicated to snail rearing.

It is located in Abuja and like milky snail farm they also export and process snail. They sell their snail mostly to restaurant and hotels.


Address: Behind Shoprite, Airport Road, Lugbe, Abuja, Nigeria.

Phone no: +234 703 900 9107

3) Thy snail and grass cutter farm

Thy snail and grass cutter farm does not only base on snail and grass cutter, they also engage in other farming activities such as poultry production.

It is located in Sango Ota in Ogun state and rumored to sell more than 100,000 processed snails per month. Like others they also engage in snail exportation and processing.


Address: 4, ismail abdulazeez street, ota, Ogun state Nigeria

Phone no: +2348023050835

4) Farm fresh poultry and snail
Farm fresh focus on snail processing and they sell to hotel and restaurant. Fresh farm is located in kwara state.

They also engage in poultry farming. Apart from farming they also engage in training farmer on better farming practices.

Address: 4, sultan road, Ilorin, kwara state Nigeria
Phone no: +2348095910059

5) Snail care farm
Snail care farm does not engage in any other farming activities other than snail farming. Snail care is located in Okokomaiko in Lagos.

They also train and help people to set up their snail farm.

Address: Okomaiko, ojo lagos, Nigeria
Phone no: +2348066104430

6) Jiff snail farm

Jiff snail is an exotic animal farm that also deals with snail rearing.

By exotic animal I mean animal like monkey, baboon, pigeon, guinea pigs, tortoise and guinea fowls. They also engage in snail feed production and exportation.

7) Sunny snail farm
Sunny snail also deal with only snail, they engage in all the business that surround snail such as process snail selling, lives snail selling, snail hatchlings selling and snail eggs selling.

Address: Abeokuta Ogun state
Phone no: +2348035819661

8) Arapel farm
Araple farm is located in Warri; they deal in all kind of snail business such as

Snail farm setup
Online and offsite snail training
Lives snail selling
Snail lime selling
Snail lime powder selling
They also engage in snail exportation.

9) Tugate snail farm
Tugate farm is a big farm located in Akwa Ibom state.

Apart from snail farming they also help people to set up their farm, sell snail limes, sell snail eggs, sell snail hatchlings, sell farm materials and export snail.

Address: 23 ndiya street, uyo akwa ibom state Nigeria
Phone no: +2348063677152

10) Roovison snail farm
Roovision snail farm is located in Delta state with the aim of producing and selling lives snail, processed snail, hatchling, snail eggs, point of lay snail.

If you want to process your snail but do not have machine to do it, you can take it to Roovision farm, they will help you process, dry and package it.

They also offer training with free resources on snail farming in Nigeria.

11) Egbeja snail village
Egbeja snail village is a proposed snail farm from two private farms in Nigeria which are Dem Eli farms and farmkonnect.

It was unveiled by Governor Fayemi in January 2021 and was propose that it will produce 2.6m kilo of processed snail per year, a feat that will make it the largest snail farm in Africa and second largest snail farm in the world second to the one Cyprus.

Not only that according to Governor Fayemi who unveiled it, it was made known that it will produce more than 5000 jobs in Nigeria.



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