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Oil and gas companies in Nigeria the top list

Oil and gas is money making venture for country that have them in fact after power it is the next best thing. The world will be tilted for any rise or down in price of this commodity, Ukraine war is good scenario.

In Nigeria oil and gas has become our major source of revenue covering more than 90% of Nigeria foreign exchange. But thanks to bad leadership, as at the time of writing this article Nigeria has more than. 30 billon oil reserve mostly stock in south south region of Nigeria coming from over 159 oil field and 1400 oil wells.


On natural gas, Nigeria is also there, Nigeria has more than 5000 square kilometer of gas in stock.

Since we all know that Nigeria did not have a oil company except for NNPC that regulate oil and gas industry in Nigeria, won’t it be good to know the companies ploughing the oil field, perhaps for business purpose or for the sake of curiosity, stay tune as we give you the list of oil and gas company in Nigeria with their contact details.

Shell Nigeria


The first one on our list is one of the body oil and gas companies in Nigeria. Shell has spend more then 50 years in exploiting and produce oil in Nigeria.

They have over 50 oil field and a lot of pipeline. They do not only stay on oil they also deal with gas and they have more than, 2,000 gas pipeline. All it business is aim at domestic and international market.

Most people will not agree with this but the reason they have stay long enough in Nigeria is because their sensitivity to environment and love of the indigene, as they have many scholarship both for the villagers.

They have more than 50 oil field
They have been in Nigeria for over 50 years
They deal with oil and gas
They have more then 5,000 pipeline of oil and gas
They produce more than 200,000 barel of oil per day and more than 100 million cubic feet of gas.


Exxon Mobile
Exxon mobile is a big man in Nigeria oil and gas industry and this is due to their partnership with NNPC. It could be said that it is Nigeria company since NNPC own more than 60% of the share at the time of writing this article.

They deal with exploration, production and distribution of oil and gas both national and international and not only that they also produce petrochemical product.
Currently they produce more than 500,000 barrel of oil per day and have more than 300 oil field.

Like Chevron they also give out scholarship to student in Nigeria.

They have been in Nigeria since 1995
They produce more than 500,000 barrel of oil per day
They have more than 300 oil field

Chevron is also joint company. NNPC own more than 60% the share, they also deal with oil and gas and they are among the top oil and gas producing company in Nigeria.

They produce more than 200,000 barrels of oil per day and 233 Million cubic meter of gas per day. Today they control agbami oil field, one of the best oil field that produce lot of oil in Nigeria.

60% of the company is own by NNPC
They produce more than 200,000 barrels of oil per day

The next on our list is Total, a very popular oil company in Nigeria, unlike others they deal with marketing aspect of oil and gas business and I’m sure you will have seen one of their outlets in Nigeria. The number of outlets they have in Nigeria is more than 600 with a lot of franchises.

Total is not a Nigerian only company they have presence in more than 100 countries of the world.

It has been plouging the field of oil and gas in Nigeria since 1956 and I don’t think they are stopping soon, the oil and gas industry in Nigeria is still booming at least for the next 50 years.

Nigeria AGIP Oil Company NAOC
Naoc is another oil company in Nigeria, we give them soot tithem because of the barels of oil they produce parday, which is about 100,000. Naoc is own by three company, namely NNPC (60%) Agip (20%) ConocoPhillips (20% ownership).

They also operate through their four subsidiaries which are NAE and AENR.

Addax Nigeria
Addax was formed 20 years ago with the aim of exploring and producing oil in Nigeria. They do not only deal with Nigeria they also have presence in middle east.

They have more than 100 wells and 10 oil filed and they are also in partnership with NNPC

Statoil is another oil and gas companies in Nigeria, it is a Nigerian oil company with interest inn oil exploration, they have been in Nigeria since 1990 and served as brain behind Agbami oil exploration which had to the oil production in Nigeria.

Currently they produce more than 100,000 barrels of oil per day

Nexen is a Chinese company, they began operation few years ago. Their company operations is based in porthachourt. They have four oil field which are Akpo, Egina, Egina South and Preowei.

Like other oil company NNPC own about 40% share in the company while CNOOC limited own the rest. Theeir major operation is offshore but recently they dab into oil exploration. Their current capacity is 200,000 barrels of oil perday

Oil and gas booming in Africa has attracted a lot of company worldwide, Petrobas is not left out a company own by Brazil has set is foot Nigeria to participate in oil exploration and transportation.

At the time of writing this article their activities is still at minimum.

Hardy Oil and Gas Plc
Hardy oil and gas work together with below company to explore oil at Ataka and Oza
Bayelsa Oil Company Limited and Millenium Oil and Gas Company

They own more than about 20% of the company share.

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