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Mortgage banks in Nigeria: complete list

Building house in Nigeria is costly couple with the inflation that keep on rising every day, beget a question on the mind of many people especially civilians that do not venture into corrupt practices that will they ever build or buy their own house.

And they are not stupid for asking this question is it the peanut that is handle down by the government they will use to build house.


While some are just plain businessman who needs money to develop a house and sell it at great price but they could not find the money
Should they just leave the deal and for civil savants should they just forget about having a place to call home.

Of course no their answer is mortgage
What is mortgage bank and what they do?
Mortgage bank is a financial institution licensed by CBN to give out loan to people that want to buy or build a house, the money often comes with interest that will be paid back monthly , quarterly or yearly but one thing is that the interest rate will not send you back to the village, it is flexible.


There are many money lender that proclaim their self as a mortgage bank, they give out loan to people to build house but they are not professional they can sell that house if anything goes wrong and send you back to square one, please do not go to them.

As of today there is only 35 licensed Mortgage bank in Nigeria, 12 in Lagos state, 8 in Abuja 2 in Akwa Ibom and others scattered within Nigeria

List of mortgage banks in Nigeria

FBN mortgages

FBN mortgages is own by FBN (First Bank of Nigeria), it was establish in 1956 and it is the first mortgage bank in Nigeria, like it parent company it is the best mortgage bank with less interest rate and flexible payback time.

It has it focus on every segment of the populace that means it give loan to individual as well as business.


If you are looking for professional mortgage loan they are the go to, they have been proven time without number to have the best customer service.

Platinum mortgage bank lmt

This is another top mortgage bank in Nigeria, it was establish in 1992 with a focus to help people become a landlord, so far there have been doing this excellently with numerous positive review as evidence, their loan is hassle free and they have a good payback time.

Platinum is located in Lagos and they do not only give loan you can also save with them.
If you are looking for fast loan they are the go to.

Abbey mortgage bank

Abbey mortgage bank was established in August 1991 but was given license by CBN in 1992, it is one of the best primary mortgage bank in Nigeria.

Currently they have branches in 10 locations spanning three region in Nigeria and has over 200 staff.

They are professional who partner with foreign company like Africaninvest capital and affiliated with Mortgage Banking Association of Nigeria (MBAN) and African Union of Housing Finance (AUHF). They have over 12 billon dollar worth of asset.

Like plainum you can also save with them and their saving features include
Fixed saving, Easysave, Home account, Kidsave, Easysve plus and Children saving.

Trustbond mortgage bank

Trustbond bank has a story behind it, it was founded by Gateway bank but pass to Intercontinental bank in 2005 when they acquire gateway, it was name then as Intercontinental saving and loan lmt.

But not long after that Intercontinental bank was acquire by Access bank and it became it subsidiaries and rename as Trustbond mortgage bank.

They are one of the bank that want to see many people owing house with their hassle free loan and long payback time, with them you can rest assure that interest rate will not eat deep into your income.

Safe trust mortgage bank

Safe trust was establish in 1992 but began operation in 1993, it is a CBN licensed mortgage banks in Nigeria, like other they have good interest rate and the payback time is good, you can pay back in month, quarterly and yearly depending on the amount you loan.

They are professional who does not go about selling their defaulters property, they give them time to pay back but make sure you comply with their term and condition.

Federal mortgage bank of Nigeria

Federal mortgage bank is own by Federal Government and it major function is to regulate, control and provide credit facility to the primary and secondary mortgage bank in Nigeria, indirectly helping people to build their own house.

It was established in 1956 to replace the building society during the president Olusegun Obasanjo regime. They have module operandi which are

Providing long term credit to mortgage bank in Nigeria

Mobilizing offshore and domestic fund into housing sector

Establishing and operating a viable secondary mortgage market

Collecting and administering the national housing fund in accordance with the provisions of the NHF Act

Encouraging the emergence and promote the growth of viable primary and secondary mortgage institutions to service the need of housing delivery in all parts of Nigeria

Doing anything and entering into any transaction which in the opinion of the Board is necessary to ensure the proper

performance of its functions under the FMBN Act.

First Trust mortgage bank

First Trust mortgage bank was established in 2019 with the aim of helping people to build their own or buy their own house. They have more than 20 billion naira asset and have customer center approach to loan disbursement.

Their loan is hassle free and payback them is long.

First Generation Mortgage Bank Limited

FGMB was incorporated with CAC in 1991 and licensed by Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria. Their focus is to provide loan that will help people to build or buy their own house in Nigeria and not only that they also have feature for saving and provide business banking.

They are located in Abuja and have more than 5 branches, to further help their customer with affordable house, they partner with the following building company

  • EFAB Properties Ltd
  • Bentell Properties Ltd
  • Living Solution Ltd
  • Net Construct Limited
  • Perfect Estate Developer Ltd
  • Moors International Company Ltd
  • First Generation Estates Limited

Mayfresh Mortgage Bank, Abia

Mayfresh Mortgage bank was established in 1993 with the aim of helping people with loan they can use to buy or build house. Their vision is to become the best mortgage bank in Nigeria and they are heading towards that with top notch customer care.

Mayfresh is a customer centric bank so if you are looking for mortgage bank they will treat you right they are the go. They have presence in 20 locations in Nigeria with their head office in Abia state

New Prudential, Lagos

Prudent Mortgage bank was incorporated with CAC in 1991 and began operation in 1992. They focus on providing only loan before but they later add real estate advice to it and this make them change their name to New prudent mortgage bank.

They are licensed by Federal Mortgage bank Nigeria and a member of Mortgage Banking Association of Nigeria(MBAN), regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria and insured by the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC)

Others mortgage bank in Nigeria are

Abbey Mortgage Bank, Lagos
AG Homes, Lagos
Akwa Savings, Akwa Ibom
Aso Savings and Loans, Abuja
Brent (Skyfield) Savings, Lagos
Centage Savings and Loans, Lagos
City Code, Lagos
Coop Savings and Loans, Oyo
Delta Mortgage Finance, Delta
FBN Mortgages, Lagos
FHA Homes Ltd, Abuja
First Generation Homes, Abuja
Gateway Savings, Ogun
Global Trust, Lagos
Haggai Mortgage, Lagos
Home-base Mortgage, Lagos
Imperial Homes, Lagos
Infinity Trust, Abuja
Jigawa Savings and Loans, Jigawa
Jubilee-Life Mortgage Bank, Lagos
Kebbi State Homes, Kebbi
Lagos Building and Investment, Lagos
Mayfresh Mortgage Bank, Abia
MGSL Mortgage Bank, Abuja
Mutual Alliance, Akwa Ibom
New Prudential, Lagos
Nigeria Police Mortgage Bank, Abuja
Omoluabi (Livingspring), Osun
Platinum Mortgage Bank Limited, Abuja
Refuge Homes, Lagos
Resort Savings and Loans, Lagos
Safetrust Savings and Loans, Lagos/Abuja
STB Building Society, Lagos3


Owing a house is now easy and hassle free in Nigeria, you just need to approach one of the bank listed above.

I will urge you not to take loan from any institution that is not in this list above, you will want to avoid trouble.

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