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Top App to send money to Nigeria (from USA, UK, AU and other countries to Nigeria)

It is now easy to send money from one country to another thanks to entrepreneur who take it upon themselves to solve the problem involve in moving money across countries, but with all this solution Africa and especially Nigeria is still one of the difficult region to send money to or from in anywhere in the world

and the reason is not far-fetched; the activities of yahoo guys and money launder has make every financial institution tighten their securities even Nigeria has also implemented some securities measure by ordering people to have a domiciliary account before they can receive foreign currency.


But in all of this there are some apps that solve the problem that surround our region; they have proven to be better in transferring money from foreign country (USA, UK, and AU) to Nigeria. These apps will be listed below based on their transaction rate and ease of use.

Top App to send money to Nigeria (from USA, UK, AU and other countries to Nigeria)


The first one our list is Worldremit and is widely used by many Nigeria residing abroad. To send money with world remit login to their website and open account with them and start sending your money. It is simple and easy to sue.


With Worldremit you have two options to send your money which are cash pick up and bank transfer. If you use bank transfer ensure that the account you are sending to is a domicile account because of the recent government policy which stated that no forging currency should enter into Nigeria account.

For cash pickups make sure you input a correct phone number when filling your details and I will advise you not use 9mobile it has bad reputation when transferring money is concern.

Worldremit has list of bank they partner with in Nigeria and they are

  • Fidelity
  • FCMB
  • First bank
  • Access bank
  • Diamond bank
  • Ecobank

Worldremit has a transfer limit which is #7,000,000 per transaction per day.



Eversend should top our list but it is a multipurpose app. Eversend is not only a money sending app; you can also save and buy online with the app. They also have feature where you can create a virtual dollar card to shop online.

You can load your Eversend account with any currency of the world it will change it to any currency you want to send to which make it possible to send money to any country of the world from anywhere.

Eversend support many country such as
USA, UAE, Turkey, Kuwait, South Korea, Canada, India, Belgium Germany, Switzerland, UK, Netherland
Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Swaziland

RIA money

Ria money is also a big shark in global money transaction industry, it has presence in over 140 countries of the world.

Ria also include bill payment and money tracking into it services. It is easy to use, once you register you are good to go there will be a prompt that will guide you to send your money.

Like world remit they also have two method of transferring money which are bank deposit and cash pickup and you can load money into your account through bank deposit and credit cards.

If you chose bank deposit ensure that the recipient have a domiciliary account and if its cash pickup, the recipient phone number should be working because a pin will be sent to that number and they should go along with their ID card when going to pick up the cash in bank.

The maximum amount you can send to Nigeria in a day is $500 or its equivalent in any other foreign currency

Below are the Nigeria bank RIA money supports

  • Diamond bank
  • Skye bank
  • Eco bank
  • First bank

Sendcash Africa

Sendcash is one of the best app to send money to Nigeria when transaction fee and ease of use is concern.

On Sendcash Africa you don’t have to open account go there input amount you want to send connect your account and voila it will send to the recipient between 10 minute to 3 working days.

On Sendcash you have two options to send your money; you can send it in cash or in crypto. If you use crypto the transfer limit per day is $2,500 and it has no transfection fee except what your wallet will charge you, for cash option the limit is $1,000 and attract a transaction fee.

To have a friction less transaction Sendcash partner with the following company such has

  • Apple pay
  • Cash app
  • Crypto wallet


Remitly is another company that makes sending money to Nigeria easy. Like others they have two options which are bank deposit and cash pickup.

For cash pick up the recent should have a domically account and for cash pick up they should have working phone number and valid ID card.

You can send money with remit from many countries of the world such as
Australia, Austria, Canada, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Finland, Netherland, Singapore, United States of America, United kingdom.


Tranfergo is based in UK but have presence in over 40 countries of the world and deal with 22 currencies.

If you are looking for affordable option Tranfergo is the best option, their charges depend on the amount you want to send, currency rate, and how fast you want your money to land.

Like many other company that deal with money in UK, Trasnfergo is also licensed by FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and Her Majesty Revenue and Customs (HMRC).


Azimo is another cheapest way to send money to Nigeria. With Azimo you can only send money through cash pickup but it is effective.

The person you are sending money to will receive email about the transection and SMS containing OTP, they will take this code along with their ID card to the bank stated in the email and they will cash out the money simple.

You can load your Azimo account with debit or credit card and through bank transfer.


Wise formally known as Transferwsie is also a good option to send your money to Nigeria, it is easy; head over to their website and create account, load your account with debit card or credit card, bank transfer, swift and send your money to a domicile account in Nigeria.

Wise charge $1.33 plus 0.61% of the amount you are transferring, it is fast, save and easy.


Xoom is an app from PayPal, it is easy and fast but it is costly. To use it head over to their website and create account, you can use bank transfer, credit card or debit card to load your account, except for bank transfer others method attract a fee.

Before you send the money it will be exchange to Nigeria currency which will also attract a fee and the transaction fee depends on the amount you are sending.
While Xoom is costly they have speed, between 1 to 2 business days the recipient will receive the money.


Moneygram is old in the game, if you are looking for trusted company that can help you transfer your money Moneygram is the go to, with presence in over 50 countries of the world and in more than 300,000 location you can count on them.

But there is one thing about them, if you are looking for fast solution Moneygram is not the go to, they can be slow to deliver transaction sometimes and their charges is much though depending on the currency.

Western Union

Western union is the biggest money transferring company in the world, they have been in the business for many years, if you are looking for trusted company like monogram they are the go to but like them, there charges is much and they can be slow sometime perhaps because of their scrutinizes.


Our very own app, Paystack has help and still helping a lot of business and individual collect money from abroad.

Though most people abroad don’t know they can send money with Paystack in fact it is one of the best method what you need to do is ask the person you want to send money to in Nigeria create a paystack account after that let he person create a payment link and send it to you.

You will be able to pay with your credit or debit card.


The second to Paystack is flutter wave just like them you can also use Flutterwave to send money from abroad to Nigeria. To use it follow the same procedure as Paystack.


What is the minimum and transfer limit to Nigeria?

Maximum and minimum transfer limit depends on the platform you are using, the average transfer limit in most of the platform is $100 (minimum) and $50,000 (maximum)

How do I keep my money save when transferring to Nigeria?

Make sure the platform you are suing have two factor authentication and check their privacy policy well it will give you a hint about them.

What are the information needed when transferring money to Nigeria?

Below are the information you will need
Recipient name, address, email and sometimes phone number for cash pick up
Account number usually domicile account for bank transfer.

App to send money to Nigeria form USA

Best app to send money to Nigeria form USA is Worldremit, Eversend and Sendcash, they are easy to use and have been proven to be safe

App to send money from UK to Nigeria
Best app to send money from UK to Nigeria are Transfergo, Azimo and Remitly

App to send money from India to Nigeria
Best app to send money from India to Nigeria are western Union, Sendcash and worldremit.

App to send money from Ghana to Nigeria
To send money from Ghana to Nigeria and vice versa, use Sendcash, Eversend and Worldremit.

What to consider when choosing platform to send your money from to Nigeria

When choosing app to send your money you might want to look it into this consideration


Apps listed above have good security in place and some even go as far as having two factor authentication and they are licensed by regulator in their respective countries.

Perhaps you have other platform that is not listed here in mind I will advise you to check their privacy policy and location this will give you a hint, and a secure platform will have presence in many location and their privacy policy will look mature also check and verify their partners.


Some transfer app like Monygram take eternity before the recipient will receive the money which is bad for those who want to have a quick transaction, so check well before you choose.


Is the app in your location? Some money transferring app are not in the major countries of the world and when you register and load your account they might not say a word until you proceed to make transfer and that time it will be hard for you to collect your money back.


Above are the app to send your money to Nigeria form foreign country, we have done our best, it is left for you to make a choice and good luck in doing that.

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