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Most lucrative side hustle business in Nigeria

Many entrepreneur would love to start a business but they are currently engaged in a work which they cant leave because it is their source of livelihood and those that took bold step to launch their business often faced with failure because of the desperation and anxiety to see the business yield result as soon as possible, they will want the business to at least cover their feeding expenses and like that they will kill their business with too much of expectations.

This can be avoided with side hustle, you can start your business along your daily job and or your main business, your side business will be given at least 30% of your time until it reach a point where you can leave your day job or whatever keeping you busy.


I’m sure you’ve already thought of this, which is why you click the link to this article, what you want to know is the list of side hustle business in Nigeria that will be applicable to your situation.

Side hustle business you can start are many but few are can actually go in line with your work, while we don’t know the nature of work you are currently doing or what skill and knowledge you possess you can count on this article that you will surely find the right type of side hustle business you can do.


Side hustle business in Nigeria

Can you write, design or edit? Go over to site like fiver, upwork and freelancer to set up account and list your services with them. You can receive order in the day and do the work in evening or night when you are less busy, like that you will start making money that will make you quit your work and venture into it with a full force.

Note: make sure to keep your phone data on always if you chose this type of business, buyer will not buy from you if you are not online and make sure you deliver a top notch service. To read more on how to start your fiver business click here.

If you have a good writing skill and knowledge about a profitable topic like personal finance and health, you can start blog and post 2 to 5 article every week, with time your blog will grow in traffic, income and you can eventually quit you work. To monetize your blog you can use AdSense or ezoic.

Note: You might spend about 10 month before you start seeing income from your blog


Cleaning business
This is a physical business yet you can still combine it with your work, what will only require from you is capital and your little time how?
Once you set up dry cleaning business you can leave it with a trusted employee that will do the work, you can then come around very evening to monitor things, simple.

Note: The secret is to hire trusted employee, if you don’t want to lose your capital.

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YouTube Chanel
Like other online business YouTube also offer freedom, which makes it one of the best side hustle business in Nigeria. With video recorder (or good phone) and audio recorder (good phone) you can start a YouTube business where you will post engaging video on profitable topic that you have knowledge about.

Note: to make it in YouTube business make sure you edit your video well with a good thumbnail.

Dance instructor
If you love dancing and good at it, why not setup a dancing class

haa!! It will take all of my time

Who say you should give it all of your time remember will are talking about side hustle.

You just need to set up an evening dancing class or a Saturday class or home instructor, once you start having income that can cater for your livelihood you can open all day dancing class, and start doing what you love.

Note: well, I don’t really know much about dancing because I’m suck at it, but from a friend; if you want to succeed as a dancer instructor you don’t only need to be a good dancer you must able to use social media to market your business.

Graphics Designing
Though there a lot of people doing graphic design simply because it is easy to learn and set up, but yet people ate still cashing out from the business because they know their onion.

If you want to set it up as a side business do not rely on YouTube video as your teacher remember it a business and not an hobby so locate someone who is already making money from it, he or she will teach you what make a good design and how to make money from it.

Its a good business that can go alongside a job because it require little effort once, people know you they will order through phone and you will work with laptop at your leisure time.

Note: practice make perfect in design the more you practice the more great design you will deliver to your client. Also you can set up account on freelancing site increase your order.

Cloth branding (T shirt, Polo branding)
Have you ever come across a cloth with a name written on it I’m sure you would have, that name or inscription is done by cloth branding business.

It is a lucrative business you can start with little money and alongside an engagement but you must posses the skill which luckily can be acquire in less down 3 month.

If you want to go into the business make sure you do so on time, you know Nigerian like to crawl to the same business, by the time people will notice it lucrativeness, you would have become a domain expert that other look up to in fact you can from there start your own clothing store.

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Music Tutor
Do you know some music I’m not talking about hip hop or rap I’m actually talking about real music the one with sign that goes up and down (don’t mind me I also suck at it) if you do, people are looking for you, it is a high demand business.

Many are looking for those that will teach their child about music (again really music) and if you can pay any of the organ it a plus. If you set it up today, it wont take more than six month before you will eventually quit your work but make sure you are dam good.

Note: Make you are good.

Fitness trainer
Do you like fitness? Also do you like seeing people achieving their fitness goal? if yes then start a fitness center Where you will help people achieved their dream, the only thing is that it require large capital, but if you don’t have capital, you can become a freelance fitness trainer where people will book your service on your social media account or website and then you will go over to perform your job. Before you know you will start getting order that will make you quit your job.

Note: if you are doing freelance training make sure you specify when you will be available.
To create a schedule website you can contact us

Book publishing
Gone are those days when you need to beg a traditional publisher to help you publish your book. If you have good content that can be call a book you can head over to amazon to publish it as eBook and hardcover, you don’t need to do any marketing before you can make a sale.

It is easy to start with a job; you don’t talk to customer, no marketing just your knowledge about a particular subject written down in Microsoft words.

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Note: To make more sales you need to promote your business on social media or do paid ads once you start getting return from the business.

Interior decoration
You need to go for training before you can start it, trust me YouTube video will not make you a good decorator, well it can make you a shabby one that won’t get any job and ended up in frustration.

Take 3 to 6 month to learn it and you will be setup for business. It a good business that go with a daily job. But your Saturday and Sunday should be free.

Note: It takes time to get customer but once you do, it will be a happy day.

Rental services
Nigerian are party lovers especially southwestern. You can set up a rental services if you reside in area that need it. Its mode of operation is simple buy a chair, canopy, cooking utensil and lends it to people at a price.

You don’t need to stay in the shop forever with a trusted employee you may not go there for five days.

Note: Make sure there is a market for it before you set it up

Writing resume
This is funny resume! I know you are saying this now, but I tell you it is one of the lucrative businesses in Nigeria because people don’t know how lucrative it is and those that do don’t know how to write it in fact they couldn’t get a job with their own resume.

If you are already employed chances are you will know what employers want to see in a resume, you can start taking order from people who will like you to help them or you can set up a teaching platform to teach them for a fee.

Note: make sure you are good or else you won’t take more than 5 orders; two from a client, two from your friends and one from your relative.

Barbing saloon
You don’t need to have the skill before going for this, though it requires skill. If you have the capital what you will do is employed a good and trusted employee and you can count the days you will leave your job.

Note: if you employ bad employee, you can kiss your capital buy buy.

If you know how to take a perfect photographs haa what I’m I saying, you will need to acquire photography skill don’t let them fool you that everybody can take photograph, well everybody can but you will be a mediocre at it.

You can start it alongside a job but I will advise you to start with freelancing photography where you will go outing to shot (take picture) people.
Note: Learn the skill, before you venture into it.

Are you a teacher if yes congratulations this perfect side hustle business for you, not that other People cannot venture into it, but it is most suitable for teachers.

You can set up a tutoring class instead of sitting idle on Saturday, or become a freelancer where you will go out to teach student at their home, this one is good as you can do it every day.

If you have money you can go for advance one which is Jamb, WAEC tutor that is where money is but you should also be more than good in those subject or find teacher who does.

Uber has save life and continue to do so. With a car you can be taking home about #5,000 per day after your day job.

But car is costly?

Good news, there are people who are ready to partner, they will buy the car and you will provide the service but share the profit, you just need to find them.

Note: it is a good business but makes sure you use good car because the bad one will frustrate you.

Phone/ laptop repair
This one also requires skill but luckily it does not take too much time to learn with 2 to 3 month you should be professional phone or laptop repairer.

It is a good business that you can start with your daily Job in Nigeria. What you need to do is to give your customer time which you will be available.

With time it will provide income that will make you quit your job. To increase order you can use your phone (social medial) to advertise your business.

Note: if you don’t know how to fix a particular phone please do not torch it doing so might invite trouble.

Artwork making
Artwork like bead, paintings are in high demand, you can combine it with your daily job while using social media to sell your work, some might even ask for customization at a premium price.

Note: you might want to make your bead, paint or other art business in the right environment like many art people do, please don’t allow that be discipline and make it any time you have chance.

Are you a guru of a certain industry, you can set up a one man consultancy business where you will take order at your convenience time, you may not know how much people are looking for a domain expert that will guide them in achieving their dream.

Note: You must have experience to make it in this kind of buisness.

Others are
Social media manger
Master of Ceremony (MC)
Create online course
Makeup artist
Pos agent
Car wash
Spot viewing center
Fashion designing
Website designing
Website development
Real estate agent
Sell on Jumia and Konga


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