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Aneeza gold beauty and face cream review (plus side effect)

Aneeza is a one of the best body cream you can ever lay your hand on, it will soften your skin and clear all manners of skin problem like melasma, sunburn, blackhead, dark spot and many others.

It is produce by a company in Pakistan for the sole purpose of soften skin. Though Aneeza beauty cream does not bleach fair skin, it will lighten people with dark and chocolate skin.


Aneeza gold beauty cream has been used by many people and most of them give positive reveiw about the product, among this people is my sister who abandoned her cream for this wonderful cream.

This article is about Aneeza gold beauty cream review, it side effect, where to buy it and other important information that you need to know.


Since my sister skin is fair we hardly notice any colour changes on her skin but I tell you all the dark spot caused by pimples was clear off and sunburn at her left check was also lighten.

But for black skin people the cream lighten them up in such a way that you will think they are bleaching, while chocolate skin people confirmed that they experience little brightness in their skin.

All the same, one thing is general for all that use this cream; it works slowly but its work last longer. Once it clear your sunburn and dark spot, forget it you won’t have any again.

Types of Aneeza beauty cream

Aneeza beauty cream come in there strein. All the three type are doing the same work


Aneeza gold beauty cream: For body and face

Aneeza face beauty cream: For face only

Aneeza herbal cream: for body and face

Benefit of Aneeza gold beauty cream

Below are the benefit you will see if you use this product

It clear sunburn and dark spot
Though it might do it slowly Aneeza golden cream will clear your sunburn and leave you skin colour even.

Also dark spot cause by pimples will also be clear off. Though it is stated on the cream container that it clear off pimples, it does not, it only clear the dark sport cause by acne, so you need to find another product to clear your pimples.

Dark spot
Most cream out there will lighten your face but leave your knuckle and armpit dark, I confess it can be irritating sometimes.

Aneeza gold beauty cream does not do this, it will even your skin colour and light your knuckles and toe and other harden part of your skin.

It clear off dark circles
Aneeza cream will clear off dark circles that form around eye. Though it might be slow give it 1 month to 2 months your dark circles will be gone forever.

Side effect of Aneeza gold beauty cream

Like my mom use to say an advantage object will have disadvantage.

The important thing is that the advantages should outweigh the disadvantages. Aneeza gold beauty cream has its side effect which are

You should be ready for sweat especially If you use the cream when the sun is up. The solution to this is to use the cream during the cool hour of the day.

Discolouration for dark skin
The cream causes discoloration in dark skin people, especially those with high number of melanocyte. The cream have problem turning dark skin to light therefore it will brighten some spot and leave the rest which lead to discolouration.

Aneeza gold beauty cream ingredients

Water, Aloe Vera, Avocado, Kojic Acid, Citric Acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Alpha Arbutin, Glycerin, Titanium Dioxide and Fragrance.

How to use Aneeza gold beauty and face cream

Pour some of the cream on you clean hand and rub it gently. Also Apply gently to your skin. For better result use the cream during the cool hour of the day.

Questions and Answer

Does Aneeza Gold Contain Mercury?

Not, it does not contain Mercury
Does Aneeza gold cream clear sunburn
Yes, it clear sunburn and dark spot on the skin.

How good is Aneeza gold beauty cream
Aneeza gold beauty cream is one of the best cream you can lay your hand on, it work perfectly for people with fair and chocolate skin.

How to know original Aneeza gold beauty cream
There are two way you can detect fake Aneeza cream. First check the number and name on the cream container, a fake cream will not have any number written on it

When you open the cream the original Aneeza beauty cream will have white colour while the fake has brown colour.

Aneeza gold beauty cream price in Nigeria
It is between #2,000 to #3,000

Where to buy Aneeza gold beauty cream in Nigeria
If you want to buy original Aneeza cream I will advice you to buy from jumia or konga.


Above is the review of Aneeza gold beauty cream, it is perfect for fair and chocolate skin people but I don’t advice it for dark skin unless you can mange skin discoloration.

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