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Kidz and more lotion and cream review: how to use it, and others

If you are looking for the best cream for your child your best bet is kidz and more. It is targeted at small kid and teenagers to give them soft and moisturise skin.

Kidz and more cream does not bleach skin so you don’t need to worry about your child skin peeling off instead it keep their skin moisture intact and smooth.

With this cream you will find no Diaper rashes on your child, it is also the perfect cream for teenagers that don’t fancy bleaching (well some mothers do)

This article is all about kidz and more, it benefit and other questions you might have, stay tune

Kidz and more cream and lotion benefit

It soften the skin
You can say bye bye to skin hardness cause by blockage of skin air space. With kidz and more your baby skin will be soft since it does not block the air space of the skin and not only that it will be smooth to the extend that people will start asking you for the cream your child is using.

It clear diaper rashes
Diaper rashes can be a turn in the flesh, a baby will have a super face but check is lower body you will see deferent types of rashes caused by the tightness of diaper, sometime the rashes will wash down to the leg. With kidz and more cream you will have notting of such.

It brighten the skin
Kidz and more does not bleach skin but it will lighten your child skin a little. The small brightness will make your child skin glow.

It moisturize and tone the skin
As stated above in the introduction, kidz and more cream will keep your body moisture which help to prevent skin from flaking or drying up.

No boil
Yes, most child usually develop boil when they use bad cream for long time. With kidz and more you can rest assure that your child skin will know no boils.

Side effect of kidz and more cream

The side effect of this cream is that your child skin will not light up. Don’t expect any visible change in the colour of your child skin.

If your child skin is chocolate be well know that kidz and more will only preserve this colour and not change it, well it might light it up a little.

For black skin, forget it you can only have a smooth and clean skin, don’t expect magic from this cream.

How good is kidz and more lotion and cream

The cream is very good, it has no side effect
How to use kidz and more cream
Rub the cream on your clean hand and gently rub it on your child skin. Ensure your skin is clean.

Kidz and more lotion and cream price in Nigeria

The price is between #2,000 to #3,000 in Nigeria

Where to buy kidz and more cream or lotion

To avoid buying fake kidz and more cream it will be better if you buy from Jumia and konga.


Kidz and more cream is a best  for those that want smooth, clean and soft skin, the cream does not bleach skin but can light a skin a little. There are fake of this product so buy from the reputable source above.

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