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How to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria

WhatsApp is chatting application that took over from phone SMS and no doubt it has been doing it greatly but do you know you can make a lot of money from it? Yes, WhatsApp that you use every day, won’t it be fun if you can make money with it?

Another good news is that there are many ways to make money from WhatsApp, it is not limited to one and it is not difficult once you have your phone and internet connection you are good to go.

In this article I will be showing you ways to make money from WhatsApp as a side hustle that won’t affect your daily job or business

Advantage of making money on WhatsApp

It is easy
Unlike other online business that requires a lot of effort, making money on WhatsApp require little effort and technical know-how, you don’t need to buy 300 pages e-book or courses before you can earn from the most used app in Nigeria.

Making money on WhatsApp is flexible; you can do it anywhere and anytime as long as you are connected to internet.

Passive income
One of the advantage of WhatsApp as a side hustle is that it is passive you don’t need to engage it every day, you can be working on other job or business while you continue to earn from it.

No or low cost
You need little or no money before you can make money from WhatsApp except for data cost which is normal since you will surely do subscription at least once in month.

No employee
The only employee you need to start making money is your phone, once you have it you are good to go.

How to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria

Below are the ways to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria

Before we go into the way I want you to know the fact that 90% of online business rely on traffic so do WhatsApp, you need to know how to generate traffic. Did I scare you? Don’t be I will show you the way to generate traffic on WhatsApp and make money from it.

The problem is traffic source right? There is solution to it

How to generate traffic on WhatsApp in Nigeria

Below are the ways to generate traffic on WhatsApp

WhatsApp TV
WhatsApp TV is the same as WhatsApp status let me ask you this have you ever been anticipating some of your friends status, I’m sure you would have.

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Why? Because that person I is known for posting engaging content such as short funny video, infographics, motivational pictures, and the likes.

This is exactly what you will be posting and luckily you can get them for free and nobody will penalize you for copyright unlike blogging.

Inside each post insert your phone number at the top so that when people download your status and share they will see your phone number.

You can also share it to other social media platform, remember let your status be engaging.

Are you a domain expert in subject that people are in dire need, create group on it and write content for that group.

Haa! I suck at writing? No problem remember it is side hustle, I don’t expect you to write everyday just pick a day that you will be free and as you go on the group will start tending to itself.

Direct contact
These may feel awkward but it works, collect as many number as possible I will advise you to collect up to thousand, I could hear you screaming, it is possible, you will save it in your google account.

Try to send them message at least once a week. It will be good if you can become buddy with them

Belong to group
Join group that have large number of people post relevant content that will set you as domain expert before you know it they will start looking forward to your content

How to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria

1) Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing in simple terms is the act of recommending product to people. To make money with affiliate marketing on WhatsApp do the following

Promote the link on your traffic source as follows

On groups place it in your content

With direct contact, review the product and place it under it

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With WhatsApp TV, post the picture of the product and tell people to contact you, from there you can direct them to the link.

2) Sell your own product
Noting sweet like becoming your own boss and selling your own product on WhatsApp, do not let “your own product” fool you, you don’t have to be the owner of the product in fact it is when people show interest in product that you will source for it but make sure a product is available at affordable price before you post it.

Advertise other people’s product
You don’t need to ask people to click a link, what you are selling is impression and your customers will understand, as long as people view it you are good to go.

I will advise you to have up to 1000 viewers per day before using this method.

3) Promote micro job link
Some micro job website like ySense that enable people to take survey for a buck also pay for link promotion.

If you chose this method, your job is to place their link on your content but make sure you tell your viewers what the link is all about to avoid mistrust. You can even write content that will promote it.

4) Sell courses
Trust Nigerian we are resilient, with the difficulties of creating and making money with courses on the popular course website, people have turn to WhatsApp to deliver their courses in audio, video and written format.

You can also promote other people’s courses.

5) Sponsored post
It is not only blogging that make money with sponsored post; you can do so with WhatsApp.

You will promote your sponsored post with WhatsApp TV (video) or groups (content).

6) Sell your services
If your content deals with solving problem, you can mention your service at the end of every video and people will surely contact you.

7) Drive traffic to your blog
This is for those that have blog already, if you don’t you can create one it is simple but I tell you, it is hard. Once you write post you can share it to WhatsApp group or your contacts.

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