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Makari cream review: side effect, benefit and price

Makari cream is one of the best cream you can lay your hand on, it will light up your skin uniformly, harden skin such as Knuckles, elbow, knee and others will be light up uniformly such that you have even skin

The cream is good for all skin types including dark skin. It is not a rush hour cream, it will work on your skin gradually, which is the best thing, it might take up to 2 months before you see your desire result but you will surely see it


Apart from lightening, the cream also clear skin problem like melasma, darkheads, freckles, pimples and others thereby making your skin smooth and clean. It is not a bleaching cream, it does not contain any harmful substance so you don’t need to worry.

The cream is sold between #4,000 to #5, 000 depending on your location and the seller ensure you buy from reputable source to avoid buying the fake one.


Benefit of Makari cream

Below are the benefit of Makari cream you will enjoy if you use the cream

Lighten up your skin.
Though Makakri cream is does not bleach, it lighten skin about such that you have uniform skin,; your knuckles, elbow, knee and other harden part of your skin will be light up such that you have even complexion. It is perfect for all skin types including dark skin.

It moisturise your skin
Another benefit of this cream is that it moisturise your skin. Makari cream conserve skin moisture which help to prevent skin from dryness and therefore prevent skin dryness. It also help to refresh your skin.

I cleam up your skin.
Makari cream will clean up the dirt on your skin surface and also goes into the pores, clean it and remove clogs thereby making your skin smooth and soft like that of a baby.


Side effect of makari cream

There is no advantages without disadvantages, makari cream also has it own side effect, though it is majorly on sensitive skin people. these side effect are

Green vein
If you use the cream for a long time you might develop green vein, it is common with sensitive skin people, the soktuon to this is to take a break from the cream once you detect it.

For the first week of using the cream, you might develop mild rashes on your skin, it will go away in few days, but if it persist you should drop the cream.

For dark skin people, you might experience skin discolouration for the first two weeks of using the cream, it will later go away but if it persist for 4 weeks you should drop the cream.

How to use makari cream

Rub the cream on your palm and apply it gently on your skin. To have better result wash your hand before applying the cream to prevent contamination Also only use the cream during the cool hour of the day for better result.

Makari cream ingredients

Below are the ingredient that makes up makari cream

Water, Licorice Extract, Mineral Oil, Arbutin, PEG-100, Mulberry Root Extract, Ceteareth-20, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Glycol, Glyceryl Stearate, Kojic Dipalmitate, Dimethicone and Fragrance.

Questions and Answer

Does makakri cream contain hydroquinone
No, it does not contain hydroquinone

Is Makari cream good for fair skin
Yes makari cream is good for fair skin and other skin types

Is Makari cream good for dark skin
Yes, Makari cream is good for dark skin and other skin types

How good is makari cream
Makari cream is very good it will light up your skin and make it smooth

Is Makari a bleaching cream
No, it is no a bleaching cream

Makari cream price in Nigeria
The price of makari cream is between #8,000 to #9,000 depending on the location and the seller

Where to buy makari cream in Nigeria
To buy original makari cream head over to jumia

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