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How to get Access bank payday loan, code and check balance

Access bank is one of the big commercial back in Nigeria, they have presence in more than six countries in Africa. Like other banks they also give out a payday loan to their customers, but wait what is payday loan?

Payday loan is a quick loan targeted at salary earner. If you need money urgently but your salary is still far away, you can apply for this kind of loan.


One of the interesting thing about access bank pay day loan is that both the people that have account with Access bank and those that does not can receive the loan.

In this article you will be learning about Access bank payday loan, how to apply and how to check your balance, stay tune.

Access bank payday loan requirement

Before you can be eligible for Access bank loan, there are some requirement you need to meet which are


You must not have default on any loan before

You must have a BVN

You should have a salary account spanning at least three months.

How much you can get with Access bank payday loan

With Access bank pay day loan you can get up to #500,000 but it is proportional to your salary, you will omit receive 75% of your salary as loan. For instance if you are collecting #100,000 as salary, you will receive #75,000 as loan.

For those that have no salary account with Access bank you can only receive 50% of your salary, let say you are collecting #100,000 per month you will be able to receive #50,000 as loan.

Access bank payday loan and how to get loan from Access bank

To apply for Access bank loan is easy just dial the Access bank payday loan which is *901*11*1#, or download access bank mobile app called Quickbucks.

Access bank payday loan interest rate is 3% the payback period is 30 days starting from the day you get the loan

How to repay Access bank payday loan

One of the advantages of getting loan from bank is that you don’t need to go through tedious process, the amount of loan plus interest will be deducted automatically from your account once it is due.

How long does it take to get Access bank payday loan

Payday loan is a quick loan once your application is successful you will get the loan in less down 5 minutes.


Gone are the days when you have to beg your friends and family for money when financial emergency arise. You just need to dial a code on your mobile phone and the loan will be disburse, but make sure you take loan you can pay back.

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