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Gmoney loan app: How to apply for gmoney loan, interest rate and others

Gmoney loan app is another loan company that will give you instant loan in Nigeria, their loan disbursement is fast and they do not require collateral or paper work, with your phone and bvn you are good to go.

What is gmony loan app

Gmoay loan app is a finance app that give out instant loan to people in Nigeria. You can download the app on playstore.


This article is all about gmoney loan app; how to apply for loan and other important questions you might have

Requirements to obtain gmoney loan

Before you can obtain his loan, you need to meet up with gmoney loan requirements, which are


Have a bvn and bank account

Reside in Nigeria

Have a source of income

You must not have defaulted on any loan before


You must have a good credit score

How to apply for gmoney loan app

The first step to take is to head over to play store and download Gmoney loan app

Launch the app and register with your name, bvn and other details

Once you complete your registration, you will be login automatically

On your dashboard locate and click on loan

You will see the amount of loan you are eligible to obtain

Click the loan offer and wait for your loan to be disburse

Usually it takes between 20 minutes to 1 hour if there is no problem.

How much you can get from gmoney loan

With the loan app, you can get up to #10,000 to #200,000 without collateral or guarantor. If you are just taking loan for the first time, your loan offer will be less than #200,000.

Gmoany loan interest rate and repayment period

Their interest rate is between 5% to 30% depending on the amount of loan secure and repayment period. The repayment period is between 7 days to 3 months depending on the amount of loan and credit score.

Repaying your Gmoney loan

To repay your loan you can use your ATM card or make transfer to their bank account. To see their bank account contact them.

Their contacts will be released before the end of this article

Is Gmoney loan legit

Yes they are a legit loan app, they have given loan to many people in Nigeria but they are not licensed by CBN nor insure by NDIC.

What I like about the loan app

  • They are fast in disbursing loan
  • They do not discriminate, they give loan to everybody

What I don’t like about gmoney loan

  • They give small loan to first timer
  • Their interest rate is much
  • Their repayment period is short.

Gmoney loan contacts

Phone no


Above is how to get gmoney loan, I will advice you to take loan that you know you can pay back to avoid trouble.

If you failed to pay your loan your name and bvn will send to credit bureau for blacklisting, which means you will not be able to get loan again in Nigeria.

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