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Forms / Types of culture in Nigeria

There are deferent types of culture in Nigeria but to outside Nigeria is just one giant bulb with no cultural differences which is what we are here to debunk.

Nigeria as the most populous country in Africa housed more than 200 million people, over 300 ethnics group, over 500 languages and over 1000 dialect. It is a home to many rich cultures.


Though there are a lot of culture in Nigeria this article will be center on the top popular culture which are

  1. Yoruba culture
  2. Hausa/Fulani culture
  3. Igbo culture
  4. Efik/Ibibio culture
  5. Bini / Edo culture

But before we go into it I will like us to know what culture is and it’s important


What is culture?

Culture according to textbook definition is a way of live but I define culture as bond that guide behavior, reasoning, language, dressing mode, types of song of a group of people in a geographical location.

Importance of culture in Nigeria

  • It helps us to know our root
  • It allow us to identify ourselves with a particular set of people
  • It reduce the problem of individualism
  • It promote love and unity
  • It guide our behavior

Yoruba culture
Yoruba is one of the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria with over 30 million people. Yoruba are diverse with different dialect but bind together by history, love and culture; they are accommodator who takes other ethnic group in Nigeria as brother.

They believe they are descendant of Oduduwa that have seven son and it is from this seven son that different Yoruba town was established.


They are political incline with Oba as the supreme leader and Olorun or Olodumare as God.

Yoruba are happy people, thye love fashion which is evident in different types of cloth they have, their different dancing step in fact other ethnic group knows them as party people in Nigeria.

In terms of religion Islam and Christianity dominate but there are larger percentage of them that are still into traditional religion though not in open.

Most of the traditional gods they worship are Ogun Osun and Sango.
Yoruba has many type of food but the common one are

  • Moimoi
  • Amala
  • Iyan
  • Eko
  • Asaro
  • Okra soup
  • Egusi soup
  • Efo riroo
  • Ewedu soup
  • Gbegiri soup

Hausa Fulani culture
Hausa Fulani is a two distinct ethnic group in Nigeria but bind together by culture and languages, they can be found in the North East of Nigeria and some part of the north.

They are one of the ethnic group in Nigeria that do not lose their culture to western influence, their man still put on long flowing cloth call “Babariga and Juannin while their female wear Abaya, they never go out without covering their neck part.

Politically Hausa Fulani are good which is evident in how they structure their community before the European came, they have sole leader called Emir and many chief that also help in coordinating the affairs of the community and in today Nigeria they do not lose out as they are among the ethnic group with political power in Nigeria even if they have less educated people.

They are mostly Muslim though some still engage in their traditional religion but not openly.

Igbo culture
Igbo can be found in the South East part of Nigeria. They are agile being who love to plant and eat yam no wonder they celebrate a yam festival every year.

Igbo are mostly farmer but after the civil war their occupation change to traders, since then they are the most industrious group of people in Nigeria as they can be seen in the nook and cronies of the world selling and buying.

In terms of religious Igbo are majorly Christian (Catholic) with some minorities of Muslim and Christian. Politically they are not really good, in the olden days they do not have a sole leader and this affected them a lot in politics of Nigeria.

They are also happy people, they love music, some of their music instruments are

  • Igbs
  • Ichaka
  • Opi

Most of their song hit Nigeria and the world in 20th century before giving way to hip pop.

Bini/ Edo culture
Bini/Edo culture is predominant in Edo state, Ondo state and Rivers state of Nigeria. Their language is one of the most popular indigenous languages in Nigeria.

Bini / Edo has rich culture similar to that of Yoruba in the western Nigeria they also have religious and believe, one of this believe is that people can be reincarnated for fourteen times before they will meet the almighty God called Osanoboa.

  • Food loves by Bini/Edo are
  • Melon soup
  • Okra soup
  • Pounded yam

Efik / Ibibio culture
Efik / Ibibio are an ethnic group located in the South South of Nigeria. They are lovely people who pride themselves in symbols and language and symbols.

They are courageous which is why they chose lion head as the symbol of their culture and the various food they love to eat are

  • Afang soup
  • Eritan
  • Pepper soup
  • Edikang ikong
  • Atama

Like other ethinic group in Nigeria they can speak at least two languages which are English and their own language. One thing I love about Efik / Ibibio is that they are always ready to teach their children about their culture.



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